North American Online Invitational Recap


NAO Invitational – December 10 – 11, 2011

QUALIFICATION SYSTEM: Round Robin and Single Elimination (Bo5 in Semi-Finals and R3 Battle, Bo7 in Grand Finals)

WINNER #1: Thrustmaster (DKLS)

Blockz [Massives, Death Knight], Drfilomd [Filo, Warlock], Kollektor [Kollektiv, Shaman]


RUNNER UP #2: wats a goon to a goblin (MLS)

Testacleaze [Champ, Mage], Nevz [Nevz, Warlock], Voodoomoose [Voodoomoose, Shaman]


RANK #3: Amir anka (RLS)

Flaberz [Flaberz, Rogue], Venx [Venoma, Warlock], Metaphors [Metaphors, Shaman]


             Good tournament overall, really unexpected that Snutz’ RMP didn’t go through the round robin, ending up #7 from 8 teams that were participating in the tournament. Shadowcleave was just too hard to beat, an impressive play from Shouri’ Shadowplay Druid also got stomped by Thrustmaster, ending up #4 because they lost too against Metaphors’ team.

             Another good skill showed by Khryl’s team, playing Jungle Cleave with Datah (FDruid) and Kurum (MHunter). They beat Shouri’ team in the round robin by 2 to 1. Unfortunately they didn’t pass the round robin because of face-to-face rule with Nevz’ team (they’re losing 2-1 against them).

              This tournament just showed that Warlock + Shaman synergy was so ridiculous. With a good DK playing with them, DKLS was very hard to beat, DK has a lot of defensive cooldowns, Warlock can teleport out of combat with Demon Armor (+healing received), and Shaman with instants, shears, and groundings. Not to forget Spirit Link Totem, the MVP of all tournaments. Wizards really have a hard time against DKLS, because DK has AMS, AMZ, Lichborne, Mind Freeze, Death Grip, Pet Stun, and Strangulate. Not to forget Dark Simulacrum if used effectively, it can be a boomerang for the opposing team.



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