RMP and Rogues



Referring to: http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/215922-rogues-out-of-control/ and http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/216359-rmp-and-rls-op/


What? Last week ago I just played RMP with me playing Mage, and yeah that Mage’s damage was so ridiculous with big shatter up to 20-30k  crits and single Ice Lance for 14k crits or so. But… Rogues out of control? I kept losing by Melee Cleaves and I still not understand why we were losing against them.

I understand Priests are so fragile at the moment, but the correlation between a Rogue and Mage is almost perfect. I began to think that our lost against most of teams was because of my Rogue’s connection. He often failed to early sap, out-of-range issues, and many more… uh well, welcome to Indonesia :(.


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