People’s mindset about gaming

          OK first of all, I want to talk about people’s mindset when they’re about playing games. They say that they want to have fun when playing it. But how can you have fun if you’re playing badly?

1. Indonesian people mindset

“I play games for fun.” I negate this statement so badly. Why? If you don’t playing to win, you won’t have fun at all. But it doesn’t mean winning a game will give you some fun too. You will feel you’re having fun when you’re playing so good even when your teammates are like shit. If you don’t play to win, you will waste your time. Because when we win a game, we will feel satisfied, regardless of how much effort we put to reach that. But if we are losing, try to keep up your positive mindset so you won’t play bad because of raging everywhere.

2. Skill level

Let’s take an example. Manchester City is topping the English Premier League now. People will say, “WOW THEY’RE A GOOD TEAM.” This is a wrong mindset. A number one team/player/whatsoever is NOT always be the best. The fact? Manchester City dropped to Europa League after getting Rank 3 in CL Group Stage with Napoli, Bayern Muenchen and Villareal. Another example? Rank 1 from Europe WoW Invitational 2011, Yaspresents, didn’t even getting Rank 3 in BlizzCon after losing 3-2 (they leaded 2-0 once) from Korean’s PHD “OMG” in Semi-finals and losing against DNAW Trio (Rank 2 Europe) in the rank 3 battle. A good player/team is a player/team that can minimize his/her/their weakness and maximize his/her/their abilities. A losing team may have 1-2 good players inside it, so don’t call them all bad.

3. Mental fatigue and positive mindset

Mental fatigue and positive mindset (already mentioned this before) are important when you are playing games, or doing anything in your real life. Having mental fatigue up will give you additional power, maybe just virtual power- but it can help you manage long-term things that happened to you at some moment. And having positive mindset is almost same like having mental fatigue. You must say in your heart, “I can do this.” “I have failed now, but I will success later.” and other motivational words like that. If you are playing a game and currently in losing position, keep up your positive mindset. The game is not over yet, you can turn around at any time if you can maximize your skill level… and patience when reaching it.

Probably that’s all. These things are the most important things when you are playing games. These things can be applied to real life as well, just change up the word “playing” with “doing” things, and you will always optimist of what you are doing.


One thought on “People’s mindset about gaming

  1. Hey ballinst. I find the posts here interesting and relevant. I am amazed that you do not get more messages, but I guess that the battle is tough these days. Good luck.

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