Garut-Pangandaran Trip: 1 Year Flashback

Monday, December 20, 2010.

We, yes we. We gathered at our school and made preparations for the journey. We left at around 8.00 at the morning. When I passed a road to my home I only thought, “Bye-bye, game. Bye-bye, my notebook. Bye-bye, internet. Bye-bye, my gaming friends — for 3 days.” Sadness filled my mind, but I tried to enjoy the journey anyway because my school fully paid all the needs. Shortly, arrived at Kampung Naga at 2.00 at the aftermoon and I went to the restroom quickly because I was holding so much “burden” in the bus. The stairs to the Kampung Naga was… too many. When I and my friends arrived at the very bottom (or whatever), rain began to fall. We waited so long until the rain finally over and something exactly happened here :D. At the night, after Isya the way back to my house was so dark. And… we prepared for the next day…

Tuesday, December 21, 2010.

We… again. We did so many things like researches, interviews, and many others for our report. Something actually happened again in the morning, after I prayed Shubuh ;). At 12.00, we left Kampung Naga and went to Pangandaran. At the road, something happened again… We arrived at Pangandaran at 15.00 or so… in the night, that “thing” happened again :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010.

We went to… some wildlife conservatory or something like that… in the journey… again, it happened again. And… blablabla a lot of thing happened today, including “that” thing and our journey scouring the river with a boat, that was so amazing. After that, we went to Jakarta and arrived at the midnight.


….Wonderful journey. Changed everything. Absolutely.


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