AW: We missed a great opportunity


on the result…
It is frustrating but I am more frustrated by the result than the performance and the spirit. You cannot fault the attitude or the commitment or the desire to win the game. We missed a great opportunity but we just have to keep going and take the positives out of the game today.

on letting the lead slip…
At the moment what we have to learn is that when we are 1-0 up in some departments we cannot be too comfortable. We were caught in a position where we can only blame ourselves. Apart from that their keeper had the game of his life, Wolves fought like mad and well done to them. I don’t know how many shots we had on goal and how many they had, but it was the kind of game that if you play it 20 times you win 19 and you draw one – and it was today. On the day we couldn’t afford it, it was today.

on missing chances…
Their keeper had a good performance, they saved a few on the line, they did fight like mad. It was more important for us to go in 1-0 up at half-time because I know with the way they defend they would not survive like that for 90 minutes and we would have much more space in which to play. At some stage they would have had to come out. But I felt we lost our way a bit between 30 and 40 minutes and on that occasion we were caught. The only thing we can learn today is to keep the spirit and when you’re 1-0 up to keep our level up.

on a possible penalty…
I have heard that, yes, but what can I do? It looks like, for us, to get a penalty we will have to fight very hard. I have seen the handball at Man City and it was definitely handball.

on Vermaelen being penalised…
I personally am responsible for the performance of my team, that’s personally a lot. Not for the performance of the referee, I have no influence. I think despite that we could have won the game today and that’s what we have to look at. I can complain about the referee or not. We had enough  to win the game without these decisions.

on his side not being given penalties…
I don’t say they [the referees] are reluctant, I just say that there should have been a penalty in the Man City game. Today I have not seen it, that’s all I can say at the moment. The decisions did not go in our favour but we do not blame them today. We blame nobody in fact, it was a game we could have won anyway.

on chances to score a winner…
Gervinho scored today and we had other opportunities, Arshavin was very close, Rosicky was close, Mertersaker was close. It was the kind of day where maybe we were not relaxed enough, maybe we wanted it so much, that we were a bit too much in the ‘wanting zone’ and not enough in just the technical zone.

on rivals dropping points…
There are going to be a lot of twists and turns, but unfortunately we could not take advantage of that, which is the real frustrating thing today. When you have the luck of the results yesterday and you play today, you can take advantage of it, that is where the worrying thing is because in the season you have to take your opportunities.

on the prospect of signing Henry…

No, nothing has happened since last week. I expect nothing at the moment, just to calm down.

on Walcott’s absence…

Walcott is sick, he has a stomach problem. He is already better today. He could not come to training yesterday, but should be available for Saturday’s game.




Pretty much like that. So many chances in the second half and we could see the 71-29 possession IIRC and we couldn’t score any goal from that advantage, including 10-man Wolves. Big credit to Wayne Hennessey (Wolves’ Goalkeeper) too, he really did a great job, absolutely.


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