2011 Wrap-Up — Everything. Yes, Everything!

2011 Wrap-Up


First day of Season 4 IRL, and I was seeking for better and better score to get R1. But it wasn’t my only tasks there. There were many other ‘accidents’ came up to block my way, one of them is about love. Yeah, the mid-term of January was… the root of everything. However I learned about it on December 2010.


Improvement for everything, yes. I got good score, better score than before in some tests like Chemistry, Physics and many others. Other glorious thing was Arsenal who have won 2-1 over Barcelona at Emirates Stadium (got knocked out after losing 4-1 at Camp Nou though). And my brother bought me a Battle-Net account so I can play at live server, hurray!


Reckful released Reckful 3, probably his last video and that video got the “Top Skilled 2011 #1” achievement at WCM, grats for him. About real life… yeah mostly sad moment this month, I want to forget this but it always come back, creeping me everytime. But my rogue leveled up to 85 and I started to do some arenas with my friend Ondy (Sitomboi – Jubei’Thos)


A lot of things, so bizarrely happened in this month. So much competition I joined (one of them was National Physics Competition — South Jakarta Region) and I from this competition I met and knew so many new friends at Al-Azhar Pusat. The irritating thing in this month — yes, I remember. So perfectly. April 27, 2011. I was so ready for Trigonometry test, but a teacher came up and forced me to unequip (or whatever the language is) my jacket. Probably because some of the students used jacket for gang or to hide something from their body. But… BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT IS NOT A GANG BRO, IT’S A BIG COMPANY IN CALIFORNIA, US!!!! Oh well and then I got a very-very bad score, after I got home I cried loudly. The next day was my birthday, but I didn’t say anything to my friends. I just kept silent — however some of my internet gaming friends already gave me some birthday greets during midnight, thanks :D. April 31, 2011. Probably one of the most important day in my life. :P Don’t wanna tell much about this since it’s a secret — still — for most people.


I passed the National Physics Competition for South Jakarta Region and went to Alpus at 13th and 15th of May for the preparations against the whole Jakarta Region Selection (with my 3 friends from Alpus also). At 18th and 19th, I continued to SMA 28 for more preparations with the all student who passed the regional selection. At 20th, I did the test but sadly I didn’t qualify. After that day, all I that seek was only remedial tests — assignments — and appendix tests for the day that I was absent because of the preparations for whole Jakarta Selection. I did 3 or 4 appendix — and remedial tests in 1 week — including the normal test that week, too! So crazy, but I believe it was the most glorious month ever, I showed great spirit there.


My brother bought me — a very late — birthday gift — a Winged Guardian mount for my account!. Umm… but mostly this month contains secrets. But I will tell one of the important things — BRUTAL GLADIATOR (IRL) S4! I got rank 1 in my class after trying so hard during May. I was so relieved. And then the holiday came… and… fast forward to July. Not to forget, 26th of June — it’s already one year since I missed my chemistry teacher forever — may her rest in peace and God always give her blessings in the afterlife. — Oh and I bought a Blackberry!


First week of class twelve, senior high school of SMAI Al-Azhar 2 Pejaten. Hmm, I really-really surprised that 2 students from my generation didn’t graduate from class eleven. Then… about the subjects. So much tests waiting in the first and second week. …wow


Fasting month. Nothing really special in this month.


Tests, tests, and tests at school. The one and only. But I kept do arenas with my friends because it’s the only way I can release my stress during school.


Tests, test, and tests (including mid-term). Bizarrely I got so — almost — not almost, but mostly good score from my “shade” report. Hahahah! Still playing World of Warcraft from the account my brother bought me.


This month, the brother who bought me the account will turn 21. I tried so hard to think what kind of gift — until finally I decided to give him a new wallet. Luckily I got some friends to help me find it at Pondok Indah Mall 2, thanks for them. Then… then… then… oh yea, I transferred my Mage with the other guildmates from Saurfang to Jubei’Thos (same Battlegroup though, just different PVE and PVP realm).


Final test for class twelve. Incredible tests, crazy scores. That’s all. I got some fun from this month too because I met some of my Junior High School friends at 28th. — and my Paladin gonna turn 85 — today! Hope so!


That’s all. I wish for the best for me — for her — for all my friends — for my parents — all the good things. And I wish the worst for my enemies — so they can drive back to the righteous way.


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