Last night 5s wrap-up

Well, last night I played 5s with my friends @ US-Jubei’Thos (Vengeance). At first I used Holy Paladin as solo healer with my 4 friends as DPS, and the games were bad, I got like 15-15 score. Then I decided to log off my Paladin and switch to Mage as 5 DPS. The result? I got like 13-2 or 14-2, haha.


The funny thing was we farmed a team consists of FDK, 2 FMages, 1 Sub Rogue and 1 Holy Paladin. 8 games — we tunneled DK 24/7. The other one game, the Rogue became sacrifice for their team by moving up forward first. And the another one we trained the FMage even he had blocked and got healed by their Paladin.


Oh anyway, the team is


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