The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 1

It’s… almost 6 PM. I write this — in front of my laptop — a laptop which has accompanied me during last 3 years… almost 3 years actually. I wanna write some… sequels of opinion about “The Rollercoaster of Life” — maybe you have heard or read about that. But actually I’m going to give my own opinion in this… yes, this. This is the first part of “The Rollercoaster of Life”, my version.




First things first. Let’s just get to the point — I’m pretty sure this word — you have heard in your real life. What’s the word? It’s love. There are so many persons who underestimate it, but the person who overrate it also exists. Maybe you can conclude me as a person who overrates it.

Let’s see… Before we go deeper about this, I have a critical question regarding to love. Does love makes you better? Or worse? Introspect yourself — have you done something good — or maybe bad when you were fall in love?

If you or your friends think — or feel that you made an improvement, maybe you can make a conclusion that your “way of love” is successful. But if you became worse than before, you might have stepped to the wrong way. A lot of people stepped to the wrong way — mostly because of heartbreak. They began to smoke, use drugs, or whatever — as long they feel that these things could make them better — but actually they’re destroying themselves, slowly — but sure.

This is what I called — “The Rollercoaster of Life”. You’re not always stand firmly at the peak — sometimes you will fall — drastically or slowly — depends. When you feel heartbreak or something, just make sure you have some other thing to do — so you won’t get stressed enough from that — as long that thing is positive, not negative or destructive.

If you think I’m taking the “heartbreak” word so easily because I never feel it, you’re wrong, very-very wrong. I have felt it, yes — and when I felt that, I only thought that nothing left in this world except pain and suffering. But I got an inspiration — I didn’t sure from whence it came… but it truly gave me hope. “Just focus on your work now. Try to forget that, even it is hard. Try to forget her, even you can’t forget her. Try to success, even you have so much obstacles ahead. Try to be Rank 1, even you will journey through bloody road.” The effect? Amazing. I had better spirit, power, and some miracles during Season 4 — one of them was qualified through National Physics Competition from South Jakarta Region — I was the one of two students who qualified (the other one was qualified in Economy subject).

Remember, happiness is not a fish that you can catch. You must FIND, TRY, and WORK HARD to reach that. Sure we want to have a loyal GF/BF to stand with us, but while looking and searching for him/her — doesn’t mean you must ABANDON your PRIMARY real life objectives, right? In example, I’m ONLY a Senior High School Student — Class Twelve. National Exam awaits in April, National Selection for University awaits in June, and Independent Selection (like SIMAK) awaits in July, IIRC. These things — are our primary objectives this year. Do not make love as an obstacle, but make it as a backup for your competition spirit. It is POSSIBLE to love while studying, isn’t it? :) Just make sure — you don’t step to the wrong way — and keep up your positive mindset.

Well, maybe that’s all I could post now — I wish this post could be useful to anyone who read it. Part 2 coming soon :)


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