My thoughts on retarded music lyrics

Taken from my Twitter, @Ajiballinst. Gonna copas all of ’em right here.


The reason why I don’t like certain musics is that sometimes its lyrics is so retarded, it doesn’t even match with your real life facts. I’ll give an example, “You’re so perfect.” While the point of a relationship is to ‘hide’ each other’s weaknesses by ‘walking’ together. If X is perfect but Y is not, Y can’t do anything for X because X is ALREADY perfect. They will never reach the word “balance of power”. Another example of a retard lyric… is about God. Let’s see -> “God is everywhere.” So, He resides in disgusting place? :O Absolutely NO! God resides in ‘Arsy, the seventh sky. There’s only one God in this world. Therefore, the lyric should be “His power is without limit”.


Lot of examples out there, I guess human common sense can feel it too whether it makes sense or not. But in truth, I really like my own opinion about the relationship. True relationship is when X needs Y, and Y needs X. They’re helping each other (yes, this is the point. EACH OTHER! BALANCE!) — moreover, they shared their feeling too. That’s so wonderful.


5 thoughts on “My thoughts on retarded music lyrics

  1. Your articles about real life are quite interesting for me, but above all, this is the most interesting, because you mentioned God in the quote (which is placed in the top of the article) so its quickly dragged me in. The sentence “God is everywhere”, is actually does not contain both “absolute wrong” or “absolute right”. Its just a sentence that appear because of misunderstanding, or unable to find more proper words to expressing: God is above everything or on everything (Qs. 36 Yaasin : 83) which means that He controls everything in this world, nothing would happen without His will [even criminal acts or something that He doesn’t even like].
    So what’s the right side of the previous statement that we’re talking about? Yes He does exist in everywhere (Qs. 2 al-Baqarah : 115) because he covers everything, or… just like a glass of tea (lets assume that God is the water and his creations is the coffee), we all know that tea is made of the coffee powder and water, we know that there is water right there covers everything, but you can’t distinguish the water from the tea, because the tea has been mixed with the water and we all know that we can’t drink tea without mixing it (or dipping it?) with water, and that’s means: God make something incapable capable.
    About He is in a disgusting place, the words ‘everywhere’ means that His CAPABILITY is beyond limitation, or you can’t see Him but you can feel His existence everywhere even in the disgusting places, such as in a disgusting toilets we can’t deny that we’re still able to feel His existence. He knows what we’re doing because He is the one who controls our body. We might be able to control our own desire because that’s His gift (or curse depends on all of us), but we can’t move even for a micrometer without Him moving it for us.
    About ‘Arsy see: Qs. 2 al-Baqarah: 255
    About our world, our world is just like a game. It’s not real, but we feel it as a real one until we realize it (when its end–dead). The world where we’re living now is not real, its the world that made by our sense, we may unable to know the world in its real face. The world we see, feel, smell, hear, is just made by a rank of atoms, vibrations, etc. It has been proved that someone who lives without UV filter on his eye lens doesn’t see the world as we use to see [although in this case its just a matter of color difference but its clearly shows us that we’re actually seeing at the movement of the atoms or waves (since light is both of them) not at the ‘object’ itself].

      1. indeed, but actually, I’ve added some more:
        1. We’re actually surrounded by Him and His power because He is the one who controls us and everything around us so they’re works according to their roles
        2. We’re living in a “virtual” world (because we can’t proof that everything around us and even our own body are as real as they’re seem to be) until we are freed from this life (death will separate us from the world we’re living now)
        3. By combining the 1st and 2nd point, we can say that God is around us, literally He is one, but we’re surrounded by Him because He is beyond time and space [mukhalafatu lilhawadith–He doesn’t resemble any of His creatures (that need both time and space)], so we can’t interpret Him in our way to see the ordinary world in our everyday life.
        These are additional statements for your own statement, I hope this will be useful, and I hope I can post an article about this very same topic in a scientific point of view (referring to Mr. Adnan Oktar a.k.a. Harun Yahya) for a better and deeper explanation, Insha Allah
        شكرًا. جزاك الله

  2. Pardon me, why I typing coffee on the explanation of the analogical exposure? I mean lets assume that God is the water, and His creations are represented with tea :) sorry for the mistake

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