The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 2

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These things — are our primary objectives this year. Do not make love as an obstacle, but make it as a backup for your competition spirit. It is POSSIBLE to love while studying, isn’t it? :) Just make sure — you don’t step to the wrong way — and keep up your positive mindset.

-The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 1

It is… 7:15 PM. I just came back to my seat — as usual — in front of my laptop after dinner. Before dinner, I had a wonderful 3v3 arena game against Gladiator in my realm (Jubei’Thos), Opulence. They ran RLS and switched to our Shaman really hard at the beginning, but we managed to peel them off him — and hard switch to their Warlock with full CC and interrupt on their Shaman. We won the match with our whole team at 50% health. Dramatic. Anyway, it’s time for the second part of The Rollercoaster of Life :) Hope you enjoy!




Still about… 4 wonderful letters. L-O-V-E. From what I have seen in my real life (don’t take me wrong, maybe it’s just my community isn’t as good as yours), only 10-15% people with relationships did a good job in study. The rest? They might have faith and will to success, but they have chosen the — what is it… let’s just call it… “unreal” way ;). And what does love mean if the one can’t lead the other to the “real” way? Let’s take a simple condition. Cheating during tests. If you have ever seen a couple who don’t cheat — and force each other to not cheating during tests — you should give them two thumbs up. Why? They’re not letting themselves down. They want to success TOGETHER — with THEIR REAL way.

All right, maybe school’ point of view is just too — narrow for a discussion about love. Let’s talk about community. When a good woman begins a relationship with a bad man, or vice versa — should the good one advice the bad to join him/her, or the opposite? The bad one advice the good one to join him/her? Kinda confusing if everyone thinks that love means — I MUST FOLLOW YOU — or something like that. Love doesn’t have bounds — or limits — or whatever it called. But really — letting your GF/BF down is just like… giving up everything. In this section, the “letting down” word means — some kind of act that endanger someone, and his/her mate doesn’t even think to do anything about it.

Mmmm okay, maybe I have complained too much about people around me. I’ll talk about myself then… for now. In truth, I really wanted to have a loyal partner who always stands beside me — to correct me when I do something wrong — or give me some mood-boosting when I suffer some mental blow. But I realize — it will happen only — someday, sometime… and that day — is not today. God knows ;)

Let’s move out from that topic. I’m gonna talk about… ‘The Good’ and ‘The Evil’ — two common things we have seen in real life. What is good and what is bad? How can we realize we are doing something good? How can we realize we are doing something bad? Frequently asked questions — but really — as long your heart is open, you can answer these questions easily.

Similar like magnet — it has North and it’s opposite… South. Similar like daytime — it has Dawn and it’s opposite… Dusk. Everything has its balance maker — so we can make a balance out of imbalance. But can we make a Good thing from an Evil thing? I don’t think so. Most people ‘jump’ down to the darkness happily than ‘climb’ up to see the light. We can make an analogy — a mountain and a valley. Is it hard to climb a mountain? Yes. Is it hard to slump down the valley? No. People used to choose the easy way — and don’t really care whether the way is correct or incorrect — except for those who have a ‘true vision’. I wish I were included between them :)

That’s it — for The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 2. I’m sorry if I wrote too subjectively in this part. I just tried to spread my thoughts here :) Enjoy your day!

2 thoughts on “The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 2

  1. you can’t make a good thing out from evil thing, but without evil, The word`”good” would never exist. So you’ve to thanks to the evils out there who made us able to have a title “good person”. <—–this is just a nonsense statement isn't it? :D

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