The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 3

Is it hard to slump down the valley? No. People used to choose the easy way — and don’t really care whether the way is correct or incorrect — except for those who have a ‘true vision’. I wish I were included between them :)

-The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 2

It is almost 6 PM here. I don’t know why, today I felt so exhausted. I took around 2 hours sleep but the exhaustion-effect was still… what is it… exist — or whatever the word is. Anyway, I have just studied (actually reviewed) about the Biology subject — Virus — a chapter in class X Senior High School — and I have some thoughts about some unique analogy. Hope you enjoy!




Well, oh well! I guess this life is nothing but a game, a simple game — uniquely a game that you can’t save, load, or reset. And the most “hot” topics in real life won’t be far from love, hatred, friendship, and religion. The last one (religion) is not a good topic to discuss since every person has a different opinion about it. You can’t force someone from the other religion to follow yours, or vice versa. So let’s just talk the other thing with the real life’s aspect :)

AGAIN! Yes, again. About love. I told you that I have reviewed about Virus Chapter today. Can we connect each other? Good question. Actually that is the first question I will think if someone gives me some information or something. Virus can multiply itself by a lysis process. Lysis is a process that consists of: Adsorption, Penetration, Eclifation, Synthesis, and Lysis.

Adsorption – Some people won’t realize when a virus ‘infiltrates’ and travels through his/her body. After the virus arrives — just outside the human’s cell — the virus ‘attaches’ its body to the cell. Similar like love, they won’t feel anything when they see a beautiful/handsome person at first. They need to analyze him/her before walking further. If we make an analogy about a castle, love is like a person who infiltrates through the castle without someone knows about the infiltrator.

Penetration – The virus begins to ‘shot’ its DNA/RNA into the cell — to begin the multiply process. Similar like love, this is what people usually call — “offensive” time :P. A doesn’t know B and B doesn’t know A — and that’s why they must talk each other — maybe everyday only once — slow but sure. If we make an analogy about a castle, love is like a person who begins to collect the vital information about the castle and its environment.

Eclifation – The DNA/RNA of the virus ‘fuses’ slowly with the nucleus. Similar like love, this is the moment when two persons begin to know each other — the pros, cons, feelings, etc. If we make an analogy about a castle, love is like a person who marks the weak spots of the castle so the attacker can attack effectively through the weak points.

Synthesis – The DNA/RNA of the virus dominates the nucleus perfectly. Then it begins to multiply itself inside the cell. In the end, the cell which at first contains one nucleus, now contains so many viruses. Similar like love, this is the moment when two persons have known each other really well. If we make an analogy about a castle, love is like when the assault  begins. The castle is surrounded — there’s no way out.

Lysis – The viruses break through the outer membrane of the cell, ready to attack the other cell. Similar like love, it’s the moment when the feeling ‘explodes’ :P. If we make an analogy about a castle, it is the time when the gates are destroyed — and love — as a captain of the assaulting forces — ready to kill the king — or at least take the king as a prisoner. Sometimes love makes us a prisoner, but if we can handle it — we will manipulate it — and feel the comforting aura everyday.

But again. Let me remind you of this:

Let’s see… Before we go deeper about this, I have a critical question regarding to love. Does love makes you better? Or worse? Introspect yourself — have you done something good — or maybe bad when you were fall in love?

The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 1

Only you can answer it, not another human — in the Earth can answer it for you. But… I guess that’s all for Part 3. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!


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