Andrey Arshavin Q&A on Swansea’ trip


Swansea 3 (1 1) 2 Arsenal

Andrey Arshavin
We knew that the trip to South Wales wouldn’t be an easy drive for us. Swansea is the team that loves to play football, not to play defense. Especially when they play at home, where their fans are looking forward to the arrival of the teams from the Premier League. We expected a difficult away game and we got it. Van Persie opened the score. It seemed that everything was going according to Wenger’s plan?
We started off brightly. We were leading and shouldn’t have let our opponent equalize so easily.
But after this, the game could have gone either way. They wanted to score as much as we did. The teams played to win. Unfortunately for us, our opponent began to score first. After Walcott’s goal I had a thought that Arsenal wouldn’t miss more goals in that game.
: We lost concentration. And the fact that the opponent was able to restore the winning score quickly influenced our psychological state. We tried to escape the defeat, but luck that day was on the side of our hosts. Weren’t you surprised by the way your opponent started the game?
: Pressing on from the first minutes of the match? No, they played the same way at the Emirates. To be totally honest, sometimes it was difficult to lift this pressure. “Swansea is the team of Andrey Arshavin”: – said the journalists ahead of the game, hoping to witness another winning goal, just like the one in the previous game. You didn’t manage to score but performed a goal-scoring assist.
: So what? The team lost points. But for van Persie, who is seeking to become the best top scorer, it is important. What did you talk with him about after the goal?
: After the goal I told him and the guys that we started the game well, said that we should also press on for 10-15 minutes. We should not have given Swansea an opportunity to play freely. The Welsh team is well trained and well prepared. They immediately began creating problems for us when we ceased to put pressure on them. Ramsey was criticized by the fans after the game . Wales is Aaron’s homeland, but nevertheless it wasn’t helpful.
I guess this is not the case, when everything is easier at home. And the fans shouldn’t blame everything on him. We all deserve criticism. It’s the team that loses not the player. Now we have to think about the upcoming game against Manchester United. We lost to this team twice in a row, so we have extra motivation for this match. And the last question. AndrArshavin23 has mentioned a charity event on his Twitter feed. Can you tell us more?
The Foundation of Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun does a lot for the Russian children. We all need to do good things.


Full respect on the sentence: “So what? The team lost points.” He really didn’t think about himself, but thought about the team, the whole team. It makes sense. It doesn’t matter who scored the goal, who made the assist, or who made the saves. Everything will be ruined up if a team suffers a loss.


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