The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 4

Sometimes love makes us a prisoner, but if we can handle it — we will manipulate it — and feel the comforting aura everyday.

But again. Let me remind you of this:

Let’s see… Before we go deeper about this, I have a critical question regarding to love. Does love makes you better? Or worse? Introspect yourself — have you done something good — or maybe bad when you were fall in love?

-The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 1

-The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 3

It is… 5:39 PM here. I just updated this blog — almost everything. From themes, header, and some settings like post ratings, comment ratings, and many others. I hope you can adapt with this update and enjoy this brand new things :). In this part, I won’t talk about love — for a moment — maybe. Because I just remembered about a words of wisdom from a gamer. His name is Charles Dewland (you can follow him at Twitter, @EG_CDEW). Let’s begin — Part 4!




His name is Charles Dewland. He lives in United States of America. So what makes him so special? He is a gamer. Yes, I already mentioned that before. He played for Team EG, and have attended some prestigious World of Warcraft tournaments such as Major League Gaming, Blizzard Battle-Net Invitational, BlizzCon, and North American Online Invitational. But that’s not the point. I watched his stream at yesterday during Q&A session. Someone asked his opinion about Snutz who was crying at BlizzCon 2011 after a dramatic lost against Korean’ OMG.

What did he say? “I and Snutz are friends,” he said. “But we were enemies at BlizzCon. If I got 2nd place 2 years in a row I’d cry.” I was silent for a moment. I thought that Cdew wouldn’t respect Snutz that much — but to the contrary, he gave Snutz a back-up. His viewers were about 800 or 1000 during that Q&A session.

What can we learn from Cdew’ words? Here it is.

  • Friends are enemies during tournaments. Actually not only tournaments, but tests at school and other competition, there are no friends. Everyone must give their best — because the winner of a tournament is not a person who has high tolerance, but a person who has high skill and intelligence. Students must learn to not cheat during tests, because they just make themselves stupid — or if I make it smooth — they make themselves clever for a moment. After the test, they will be back stupid like usual. Do not misjudge my stupid word. I used the word stupid for an impression of brain-laziness.
  • Even you face your own friend(s) in a tournament and must fight to qualify, you must respect them too. It is a kind of fair-play in football — trash-talking exists in every era of competition but — a calm and peace competition will complete the circle. It will tighten your friendship — despite you have to fight them in the tournament.

Lot of people judged that gamer is not a productive job/hobby. But if we look at Cdew — how he respects Snutz while people are trash-talking about him crying at BlizzCon — even they were enemies during that tournament — he still respect him — as an enemy in the tournament but also as a friend in the real life — and cyber-life also. How about real-lifer? Most of real-lifer don’t have respect for another person — it’s sad but… I must admit that even it is hard to do. Real-lifer must learn from Cdew. Being a gamer is not always bad. It depends on the person. I am a gamer also, but… I don’t know. I can’t judge myself — but maybe other person can. But regardless their opinions about me, I will try to be nice to the other people — especially to the one I loved. :)

That’s all for The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 4. I wish you could enjoy this one with all brand new things here! Please give me feedback or comment regarding this post and thanks for reading!


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