The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 6

Conclusion from all things above — you can’t recycle/’recycle’ something/someone that you have loved easily.

-The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 5

Ah! It’s 5:57 AM here. And I just woke up from ~6 hours sleep, because I queued some arena matches last night. I will now post something about… yeah like I have said yesterday, about a football analogy.




Football is a game, played by 2 teams — each team consists of 11 players with 1 goal keeper inside it. What can we learn from football? We often see that one red card costs the game for the team who suffers the red card. That means 1 player means much on the green field. When a player is sent off by the referee, the suffering team has only 10 players (9 players if the GK excluded). 9 players in the team — must hold 10 players from the opposing team. The harder they work, the harder concentrate, and the faster they will get tired.

From the red card illustration, we might also make a conclusion that a 11 players team — all the players must WORK HARD. If one of the players doesn’t work hard, they are like playing with 10 players. This is what ‘individual check’ means. You can’t just count on your teammates, you can’t just count on the referee, you can’t just count on the opponents whether they will make a blunder or not, but you must count on yourself and try your best.

There are other things should be highlighted — such as team morale and mental fatigue (thanks to Zelyx, US-Kel’Thuzad for his idea about this). What is team morale? Team morale is a… what is it… about team’ fighting spirit. When you are losing 0-2, some players won’t give up but some other will say that they have given up. All the team members must communicate well to keep the team’ morale up. Usually, they are one player — at least — inside a team who could empower the team’ morale. But the team shouldn’t expect much from him — but rather the team must work harder to anticipate if that player is not performing well.

What about mental fatigue? Mental fatigue is like — when a team played for 90 minutes and were leading 1-0 — until the opposing team finally scored to equalize everything. To determine who is the winner, an extra time must be added, right? During the extra time, most of players will be panic — but not for the player who has good mental fatigue. Mental fatigue and team morale can’t be separated each other because mental fatigue is important to boost your team morale.

Conclusion for this part:

  • Do your best, don’t count on your friends [or your enemies],
  • Keep your positive thoughts up, and
  • Always communicate when you are playing as a team.

Maybe that’s all for Part 6, hope you guys like it, and sorry — maybe this post is too short!

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