NAO Invitational Brackets

We’re happy to present the second NAO Invitational brackets!

The qualifiers will be streamed on the following dates:

January 27th/28th and February 3rd/4th from 7-11pm EST / 4-8pm PST

If players are unable to attend all of those dates that’s fine because we will be doing some offline games throughout the week. All players remaining in the tournament must show up on the 4th because the finals will be held that day.

Any new teams participating in this tournament will be contacted this week to do a short 5-10 minute run through.

Resized to 58% (was 1591 x 794) – Click image to enlargePosted Image

Random number generator was used to determine the brackets.

Resized to 65% (was 1413 x 600) – Click image to enlargePosted Image

The team “Buff warriors for Rego” pulled out and “Team ESN” :(Diggles Neroxz Liltwixx) has taken their spot.

Winners of this qualifier will receive Curse Premium and a AJ shirt from JINX and the top 6 teams will advance to the main tournament.

January 27th
C – LSD without a healer vs. Red-Bellied Finch
D – Forest Strider so fast vs. I have two moms
H – RIP Original vs. Team ESN
Loser of C vs. Loser of D
Winner of C vs. Winner of D
Winner of G vs. Winner of H

January 28th
E – Realz vs. Mew Kitten
F – Ed Edd Eddie vs. Enhance not viable
A – Keep it rollin vs. Random Nobodies
Loser of G vs. Loser of H
Loser of E vs. Loser of F
Winner of E vs. Winner of F

Click here for more information about the NAO Invitational.



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