The Rollercoaster of Life, Part 8

Okay, at last I have the time and inspiration to write this thing again. Today’ inspiration came right after Arsenal losing 4-0 against AC Milan at San Siro, ~4.30 GMT+7 this morning.




What will I write now? Oh yeah — I will write about loyalty. So… I’m really disappointed of Arsenal’ performance today. They were playing really bad. The pitch was also bad because in fact — I saw a lot of players slipped (including Vermaelen’ slip which gave Robinho a chance to shoot and score the 3rd goal). As usual, analogy. I will bring some of my tweets today. :)

I won’t ditch Arsenal although their performance was super bad tonight. I’m not a glory hunter, I’m a loyal fans. #AFC#Arsenal#COYG

I don’t care what people say about him (Wenger), because we — Gooners have the poem, “In Wenger We Trust”. #AFC#Arsenal#COYG

And some tweets/retweets from the people I follow:

Ask yourself. Do I want to be sort of person who sticks with a good manager through thick and thin? Or do I want to be like Piers Morgan? – @JamesGoyder

Surely Piers Morgan’s call for his resignation should be enough to unite all Arsenal fans behind Arsene Wenger? – @JamesGoyder

I still love Wenger, and the club, and the idea, and the players. But fuck me, this hurts. And not a little bit. A FUCKING BIG BIT! – @hahostolze

It’s really heartbreaking to watch your favorite losing 4 goals to nil. But… real fans won’t ‘switch’ and ‘ditch’ their favorite team — even if their team played so badly — just like Arsenal today. So, what’s the analogy of these things? Here it is.

I’m a loyalist, I’m not a glory hunter, I’m a Gooner

When Arsenal are down 4-0 in the first leg of Champions League

I’m so disappointed, I believe there is a hope in Emirates

That will bring us to quarter-finals of Champions League

That’s a bit impossible, and doesn’t make sense… Yes

Milan is a tough club, and we have seen it today

We lacked of team work and confidence

And the pitch really made Arsenal’ problem doubled

When you do something that make me jealous

And yes, you did it that time

I tried to leave you, I tried to forget you

But I can’t — the root was really strong — solid on the soil

You said you don’t like me when I was expressing my desperation

But please — look at yourself — you expressed it RIGHT in front of me

Did you forget it? I guess yes — but still… I can’t… I can’t leave and forget you

If only I can read your mind, everything will be clear — if only…

From Arsenal to Love. Does it make sense? Hmm :| But… yeah that’s all for this morning. Hope you enjoy my ‘lame’ poem! :D


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