The origin and history of ‘Imballinst’ nickname

Okay. Since a lot of people asked me what’s Imballinst or what’s ballinst or something like that, I’ll shed you guys some light here!


I started to play in the internet cafe exactly in August. There I tried to find a nickname — a good nickname that will force me to use it in every game and the one which doesn’t make me feel bored. Someday — yeah I forgot when — I chose the nick “ballinstall” when playing Counter-Strike with my friends. Why did I choose it? I like… what is it… the -all abundance (b-all inst-all). Like 2-3 months later, I felt that ballinstall was too long so I shortened it to ballinst.


My first Warcraft III B-Net account was “illllll” @ Indogamers Junior. Yeah I’m not sure why I typed randomly when I made that ID. So after some discussions with operators and admins (I still remember them — Lukav, Odlanier, and many others! I really miss that time!) I changed my nick in that server to “ballinst” (actually a new ID, while banning permanently the old one).


I tried to find new nick, but I just couldn’t. I made a lot of accounts in every game with “ballinst” nickname. My fingers automatically type “ballinst” every signup and logins.


My brother bought me a B-Net account. Meanwhile, I with my friends joined a DotA tournament and I decided to pick the nickname “Imballinst” — which stands for Imba and ballinst. ..Actually I’m ballinst also.


Yet I have picked Imballinst as my new favorite nickname, I only used it to name my WoW characters at the moment. For accounts, I still use “ballinst”. Well,  let’s see… the reason I play games is only to compete globally against the other people in the other side of the world. I hope someday I could join IEM or BlizzCon or something.


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