Stupid song ruined me yesterday… and today as an after effect

OK. SO! I’m so angry today. Why? Because everything I have planned before RUINED! YES RUINED! Oh, but first of all, I don’t recommend you to read this whole rage. I just hate to tweet my rage because it will cause havoc among my followers and I don’t like it.

I went to school yesterday with half-sick-kinda-fever or something-something, I forced myself to keep my head up the whole day, but… during my head was spinning, my friend sang a song that made it even spinning more ridiculously. I told him to stop singing– or he could sing it but on the outside — not in the class. Right, I have heard that kind of song since morning and to be honest, I was annoyed by its melody. But I didn’t dare to blame or mock or something like that to my friend, because actually he was a kind person. Until he sang that song. =))

After he went outside, he went back inside again (he was outside not more than 1 minute or so), then right after he came back and sat on his seat, he SANG AGAIN THAT SONG OMGMGOMGOMGOGMOMGOMGOGMOMGOGMGOG. Arrite. My head was spinning harder than before and I was too weak to told him about that again. Luckily my Math teacher entered my class faster — or I would have died in agony hearing that stupid melody (I don’t say he sang it badly, but the REAL singer’ melody and voice is  also terrible).

This is better, WAY WAY WAY more better than that.

So I went home at 2 PM or so and I was so dizzy. Plus I had to wait my car for ~15 minutes on the super-shiny day which made my head superbly spinning. Actually I wanted to do Try Outs from my courses, but I couldn’t because… yeah. So I was willing to do it today. Back to story, after I got home I didn’t even have the energy to change my clothes — I went right away to my bed. After around 1 hours relaxing, I decided to sleep (with my clothes changed of course, with the advice of someone) and I got 2 hours sleep until 6 PM, my head was fare better than before.

Fast forward to today, I texted my friend and she told me that there was no try outs on today’s session. I called the course and found that she was right. I could only rage– the biggest rage– because one stupid song, everything got ruined, and the most important: I THOUGHT I WOULD DESERVE A GOOD SATURDAY AND SUNDAY WITHOUT COURSES BUT IT WAS WRONG FINALLY *SIGH*.

I don’t know what is the song’ title. But if I know the title someday, I will mock it until forever.

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