Proud to be a Gooner.

I’m proud to be a Gooner although we have been knocked out from Champions League. Here are some tweets from my followers — and mine after match.


Game on. Come on Arsenal; come on you fucking Gooners! — @waleedabunada, after Koscielny’s goal

@FourFourTom: Believe.” — @Ajiballinst, yeah that’s me after the first goal too

What he hit the ball you dumbass ref. — @Ajiballinst after Sagna’s yellow

How was that a yellow? — @waleedabunada, same reason

Sagna yellow carded. What’s wrong with this referee? Generous. — @benhan, same reason

Booking for Sagna. Sadly by the referee and not at a barber’s — @MirrorFootball, same reason

Another yellow card. Geez, caution for every first fault. Crazy. — @benhan, after Gibbs’ yellow

Arsenal, I love you. — @waleedabunada, after Rosicky’ goal

That is fucking ridiculous. So glad the English game isn’t full of cheats. There are divers but nowhere near as bad as Italy and Spain. — @MikelArteta08, after Ibra’ dive

So proud to be an Arsenal fan – will always be proud. — @waleedabunada after half time whistle


Fuck no. That’s a disaster. Please be okay @Alex_OxChambo — @MikelArteta08, after AOC a bit looked like injured

Arsène Wenger once said: ‘If you don’t believe, you have no chance at all’. Arsenal believe, but are running out of time. 10 mins left. — @YoungGunsBlog — 10 minutes before full time whistle

3 minutes. Only. — @Ajiballinst after added time panel


3 wins in a row against Tottenham, Liverpool and Milan scoring 10 goals in the process. That’s fantastic. #Arsenal — @MikelArteta08

@waleedabunada If you include last year, Arsenal are the only non-Spanish team who could beat a full squad Barcelona in Pep’s era (2-1) #afc — @Ajiballinst

Emotional scenes as supporters saluted players’ heroic efforts at full-time. Wounds in relationship between fans & team rapidly healing. — @gunnerblog

Since Dec 2010, #AFC have beaten the champions of England, Spain, Greece, Germany and Italy. Don’t get trophies for it but still priceless. — @ArsenalPortal

Very proud to be gooner in a day like today! That shows you what passion can do in the world of football… Arsenal fans were immense! — @cesc4official

A great night, yet disappointing. Once a Gooner, always a Gooner. You guys really rocked this night.


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