Vermaelen: This team will be successful

Vermaelen – This team will be successful

By Chris Harris

Thomas Vermaelen is convinced that the current Arsenal side will lift trophies – if they maintain their work ethic.

Arsène Wenger’s team have beaten Tottenham, Liverpool and AC Milan in their last three fixtures to reignite their season after defeats at the San Siro and Sunderland effectively ended their hopes of silverware.

Arsenal were at their free-flowing best against Spurs and Milan but another feature of those victories was their willingness to press opponents and work hard off the ball. For Vermaelen, that is the key to future success.

“You can see that if we fight hard then we have a lot of qualities,” he said. “If we put the effort in then you can see what we are capable of. Milan are top of Serie A and we beat them 3-0 at home, so that is not bad.

“I believe in this team even though we are missing Jack Wilshere, who I believe is a world-class player, and Per Mertesacker – another great player.

“We have been missing a lot of players throughout the whole season through all sorts of injuries, so if we can keep the team fit you can see what we are capable of. I am really confident that we can do something in the following years.

“It is hard to say what has changed. What is important is to not look too far forward, to just take it game by game. If we are going to finish third or fourth you just have to focus on the game ahead of you. The most important thing now is Newcastle and to try and win that game.

“We are together, we are in the dressing room every day and we talk to each other every day. We talk about situations, we talk about what we can do better of course. Otherwise we would not be professional.”


Of course. Our common enemy is not United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool or even Barcelona. Our common enemy is: INJURY!


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