WARNING: Fragile!

Fragile. Glasses, porcelains and mirrors come to our mind as we hear that word. What is fragile? According to http://www.audioenglish.net/dictionary/fragile.htm,  The adjective FRAGILE has 3 senses:

1. easily broken or damaged or destroyed
2. vulnerably delicate
3. lacking solidity or strength and liable to break

All right. Now we know what does it mean. Let’s play analogy again like usual :) You know I won’t make the sub-text “When Analogy Becomes Reality” if I don’t like to analogize something :)

Is love fragile? Maybe yes, maybe no. Personally, I think it IS fragile. Why? Because you have to take, carry, move along with or run with it carefully. A single mistake CAN devastate you totally. No, I’m not joking. Let’s take a quick look. When you love someone (PLEASE READ, IT IS LOVE NOT LIKE OR FANBOYING OR ETC), you will do anything to make them happy. You will feel you are the most perfect person for him/her– and this feeling eventually will make you jealous when the person you love is happy with another person– either with ordinary boy/girl– or with his/her mate. This is natural. I’ll repeat, THIS IS NATURAL!

Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, love is fragile. Sometimes you will feel like– “Oh I’m abandoned :(” “Is she/he is happy with another person, not me? :(” “I wish I were him/her (your person’ mate)” or… yeah– you guess yourself. When you are in love with somebody too, you WILL ALWAYS WANTED to sacrifice your needs for his/her needs. Why? To make him/her happy, simple. To be precise, to acquire his/her heart– yet fragile.

I know it’s hard to suffer from heartbreaking or disappointed or something like that, but… yeah… that’s the rule. You must keep your loyalty and you must keep your hopes. Just like a football team, no team will win every match. They must go through thick and thin. When press drives a tough criticism upon the whole team, all member of the team must stand to cover their team, don’t let any of the team members have his/her morale down.

Conclusion? Since love is fragile, don’t be so rusty, don’t be too frontal, don’t be too harsh. But be kind, calm, nice, and take care of it and it will take care of you. Thank you for reading, I hope this article opens up your mind or gives you an inspiration in the future. Cheers :)


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