A Journey to Remember, Part 1


A story about a student with high vision and mission, he chose a low-tier school instead of a high-tier one. Within his soul, he said to himself, “I want to light this school, a light of hope that will shine eternally. If I don’t believe I can do it, then I have no chance at all.”

This story tells the life of Alexandre Gett from 2009 to 2012 in Senior High School. So many tragedies, so many bizarres, so much tears. I hope you enjoy the story, happy reading! -Imballinst

It was July in 2009. It was Alex’ first day in Senior High School after been graduated 2 months ago. Wait, who’s Alex? Alexandre Gett was a clever but-not-so-clever man, a gamer, and he had so many emotions within his soul. His house wasn’t too far away from his school, he needed only like 10 minutes to reach it. He had two elder brothers, one was graduated from university and the other one had to complete one last subject.

Arrite, now back to Alex’ life. …oh wait! He didn’t come to school actually, he was so lazy to come because first 3 days were an orientation of the school to the newcomers. Then what was he doing in his house? Well, he was playing in front of his computer. “Pfft, useless orientations. I don’t need orientations because my Junior High School was there too.”, he said. But his mother didn’t agree with him. She forced him to come to school the next morning. He had no choice, he had to go otherwise his mom would be angry to him.

It’s the second day of the orientation. What Alex felt that day were… stomachache all day and he went to the toilet everytime. “Why no one cares? Even the seniors don’t care why I left and then return back here. Do they want to make me suffer? I don’t know, who knows…”, he told himself. In the afternoon, all the newcomers were at the basketball field to make an alignment. After that, they– with me included, must do some crazy things under the shining sunlight. Alex moaned in his heart, “Is this called an orientation? For me, it’s not more than stupidity, the most stupid stupidity in the world.”

The third day, Alex didn’t come to school again, although the next 3 days the newcomers will travel to some place for some kinda “holiday” but also spiritual motivation. There, Alex found one friend that cared for him. He asked, “Are you sick?”. “Yes, my stomachache is kinda serious here, thanks. By the way, what’s your name?”, Alex replied. The kind student said, “My name is Eric. Nice to meet you.”. “Err, nice to meet you too :)”, Alex closed the chat and smiled upon him. At last, there was a student that cared for him and it was his first new friend in Senior High School.

Days after days left… and finally the real study began. Alex found some indication of “seniority” in his school. Like… seniors forced their juniors to give some money, some bullying and stuffs like that. He remained patient, until one afternoon some of the juniors were packed in one class by 3 seniors. One of them said, “You’re all shit. Why did you…”, his name was Frey. Alex could only tell himself, “It is you guys actually who are the real shit.” The seniors ruled that all juniors should be bald-headed, but some of the juniors didn’t. That’s what made them mad, especially Frey. He continued, “Tomorrow, you guys SHOULD BE bald-headed.”. Hearing this, Alex stood and said, “I won’t.”. This taunted Frey and then he said, “This is the money. You go to the barbershop and tomorrow I want to see you bald-headed.”. “I still won’t.”, Alex boldly replied. Frey walked to Alex then grabbed his cloth, saying some unpleasant word, full of rage. Moments later, the bell rang and the seniors were going back to their class.

“I won’t give up, I won’t tell my parents. I will finish this problem alone and I don’t need teacher’s hand to finish this. This is my fight, my fate.”, said Alex to his very heart. The next morning, Alex didn’t fulfill Frey’s “objective” and during the free session, Frey confronted Alex with a pencil on his hand while saying, “I will stab you! You wanna?”. Feared Alex couldn’t speak anything, because things would be screwed if he did something wrong. If he fought him, the teachers would know what was actually going in the school. If he didn’t, then Frey would still act like a “God”. Although finally Frey left Alex, most of “bad” kids went to Frey and of course they supported Frey instead of him. Luckiliy, there was no teacher there when the accident happened.

From August to January, all things were normal. No accidents, nor conflicts. But January until June were an “academic” war for Alex. He had a friend, a clever one named Ferry. Their score in the class were the highest between others. Alex got the 2nd rank during the first semester while Ferry got 4th, but during the 2nd semester Ferry was like, studying all day no matter it was the study time or a free-time while Alex took his time mostly to enjoy the moment and play with the others.

To be continued…


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