A Journey to Remember, Part 2

Alex got the 2nd rank during the first semester while Ferry got 4th, but during the 2nd semester Ferry was like, studying all day no matter it was the study time or a free-time while Alex took his time mostly to enjoy the moment and play with the others.

But bizarrely, Alex still got one rank above him– but this time, rank one. Ferry was below him, 2nd. A really, really tough race but yeah, Alex felt really satisfied with all he got. Alex, Ferry, and the 3rd ranked-student, Tyr entered the Science-Class One along with other students.

Alex and Ferry were in rivalry, super hard rivalry. But during this semester, Alex met a girl from the other school. She transferred to his school with 2 other students from their former school. Her name was Erika. Alex knew Erika when he went to the teacher’s room and then she just said, “They said you’re so clever, right?” and Alex was just… sincere, neglecting her statement. During the first semester’s final test, Alex came out from his testing room then he met her again outside. They talked a lot, but mostly about Physics because they would face Physics test tomorrow. Nothing really special, just ordinary conversation, but ordinary conversation often leads to unusual relationship.

All began in semester two. Although Erika already had a girlfriend in Los Angeles, but it didn’t make her and Alex chatting together all night. They also woke each other up every morning. They bought a gift for their friend in a mall, together. They also gained their Physics’ teacher trust to enter various Physics competition. Again, together…


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