“Fate. What is fate?”


In my opinion, fate is something that God had given us long before this great nature was created. We have our own trail and we will walk through it until we meet our demise. There are four fates that can’t be changed, they are death, luck, mate, and thin/thickness (when doing things in this life). Sometimes we (especially myself) forget that God always knows the best for us. For that, we must always praise Him to get more fortune. He said through holy Quran: “If you’re thankful, then I’ll increase your fortune. But if you don’t, know that my punishment is devastating.”


Sometimes I feel you are so rude

But what can I do?

I’m just a weakling, created from clays


You determine so much things in this world

Yet, happiness is determined by us

And we have full control of it (happiness)


Created by one and only God, Allah

He is the One that knows everything, the best for us

So let’s put our faith in Him


In thick moments, we feel like this world is going to end

But in thin moments, we often forget ourselves

Oh God, please give us the power to ride your Fate until our very demise

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