How to apply ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’ in your life

Victoria Concordia Crescit. For you fellow Arsenal fans, you should have known this. Do you know what is the meaning of the motto? Yes, it is ‘Victory Through Harmony’. It’s not just a motto, it’s one of many ways of life.


Okay, let’s get started. Most people think that if we like or love a football club, the mottoes and philosophies are only used by them, not the fans. It’s a false statement. Why? It is an open motto, an open philosophy for everyone. How to apply that in our life? Simple. We do everything based on harmony. What’s the impact? You’ll cause no havoc or disturbances when doing your work. Let’s take a quick look.

You are working on a final test of your college/school/anything.  If you don’t do that test based on harmony, you’ll try to cheat– like copying your friends’ job, lurking at your book hidden inside your drawer, or else. In that case, you don’t only lying to your teacher/whosoever who looks after the test, but you are lying to yourself as well. If you get good or perfect score on that test and you’re happy, proud, or something like that then you’re pretty much mentally retarded. Compared to doing the test by yourself, your brain will work harder and if even you get bad score, you’ll think to improve everything on the next test so you won’t get a bad score anymore. If you get good score? I’m sure you will be sooooo happy because you did the test by yourself, not by the others work.

Well, that was a small tale from me. There are so many things in this life, you can analogize them with anything. By analogizing and comparing, your brain will be more active and if you found something inspirational, legit, or anything good from that, you’ll tend to stick to it no matter what.

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