Wonderful friends are wonderful.

Okay, the problem started exactly Thursday morning when my Blackberry suddenly suffered a white screen, or people usually call it “White Screen of Death”. I couldn’t see anything because I only saw white screen with some strips on it, but I could answer incoming calls (yes sure it was easy to touch the green call button) and I could make a call, yes I made one to call my father about the problem and asked him to send me my old phone.

I was suffering, really really suffering because I usually get information by Twitter and Blackberry Messenger, but during that time I didn’t have them all. I couldn’t contact my friends. Friday morning, I received a call from my father. He told me that the package should arrived to my place that day. I was really happy, but every time I see my Blackberry LED blinking, I couldn’t hold my sadness. But I was having fun with my friends that day, playing cards, walking from one place to another, until like 4.45 PM I called my friend with my “Whited” Blackberry with a little bit feeling. Push the green call button (to open up the recent dials) then I typed my friend’s number. Yes, he received it that time but he was doing something at the moment.

5 PM, I was at Sunken Field with my friend to join the first meeting of College Student Film League. I was excited that I dared to do anything what they asked for, such as dancing or any other crazy things. Then we took a short break from 5.30 PM – 6.45 PM. And that was the climax of everything.

We got into a some kind of mini-cinema and watched like 3 videos containing the crew’s bio. Yes, they were great. I was really-really excited, in full spirit, until the leader told us about everything we MUST do in order to be a crew. We are (yes, until now) STILL a soon-to-be-crew. Tons of assignments and many other crazy things such as my very-must-handmade-book, then if I don’t attend some of the meeting, I should give a letter containing the reason why I can’t attend. That letter SHOULD be written on a yellow paper and I should use a blue envelope. Is that all? NO, THERE ARE STILL MORE!

She recommended us to visit LFM’s secretariat 3 times in a day except when we are doing salat, fasting, or on a lecture. The first thing I remembered was… when I ditched my old arena partners to get more friends… and especially new and better arena partner(s) in other realm. When I leveled up my Rogue in Kel’Thuzad, yes I was so happy that I told my friends “OMG THIS SERVER IS GOOD, GO XFER HERE” but they didn’t want to because of latency factor. Yes, we played from Asia so it’s common that we have like 200-ish ms to West Coast servers. Since Kel’Thuzad realm is on East Coast, I had like 280ms latency when I was playing on that server. It wasn’t a big deal for me but I did feel a difference when I played on a East Coast, I had more 0,2-0,5s delay when mashing my buttons.

OK that’s for the analogy. So, if I should visit LFM’s secretariat for like 3 times a day, then I will ditch my faculty’s friends, won’t I? It’s like, if I’m walking with my friends having fun, then suddenly I say, “Oh sorry I have to go to LFM…” I’m sure the kindest person will feel bad for me even if it’s only a little because I choose to expanse my friends, ‘leaving’ my old friends. I know university is a place where we should make friends as many as we can, but… uh, I know it’s pretty hard to explain this, but Furious Relentless Wrathful Ruthless Cataclysmic Gladiator Kelvin “Snutz” Nguyen said in 2011, “It’s hard to ditch partners and stuff.”

I came back home at 9 PM or so. I was really confused. Then I talked to my friend Kevin and Dennis on Skype. They gave me very very insightful advice. “I don’t want to continue if a unit’s meeting time is random.” Yes, LFM’s meeting time is random. I once asked some of the seniors and yeah they said so. That was an advice from Dennis. The other one was from Kevin. He said, “If you want to take part in an organization, do it in the assemblage. Unit is only for fun.”

That night, thankfully I could sleep with a smile on my face. Actually I wanted to cry because I have so many good friends especially from gaming. Maybe not all people have a good gaming friends like me so they don’t respect gaming like I do. I started my hobby in gaming since 2005, until now. I made my very first friend from gaming in 2007. Then I made more and more, until now… Dennis is a college student in SGU, Kevin was in the same college with me, ITB. Then Davin, he’s currently class III of Senior High School now. Then Firman, he is a college student in Binus University, same with my friend Rendy and Kaine. There are many more like Aldy, Curtis, Ardo, Adit, Hashfi, Alvin, Dior, Ondy… Thank God I have them all, in addition to my real life friends. All of my real life friends are also irreplaceable. They are magnificent, including my parents… and my brother. I miss them so much, I couldn’t meet them everyday now because I live in Bandung, continuing my study in ITB while my parents and brothers are in Jakarta and all of them have their work.

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