Monday, October 21, 2012 recap

Today, I had so much fun. It all began in the morning when I with my 7 friends gathered inside the campus started to make yells for my faculty. And my faculty will play futsal at 2 PM. I woke up at like 7 PM then rushed to campus because I thought I’d be late for the defile, but I didn’t. After the defile, I with some of my friends watched the matches from 9-12 AM then we went to Salman for Zuhur. After that, we had lunch. I was really nervous before the game because I saw some intense matches from boy’s futsal and I didn’t think I could manage my nerve. Match after match, it all arrived to our game.

We entered the field, followed by the supporter’s yells. I was nervous (still) but I was trying to hide it too and added some smile to my face to remove it. First half, we played well until the opponent had a free position to shot to my far post. I was standing on my near post and I didn’t even stand a chance to parry the ball out of my goal. Tension rose and I think we played worst since that goal. The second goal came from an opponent who had a free position by a pass from their right flank and I couldn’t do much to stop him since I was out of position when he got the ball. 2-0 for them. Half-time and we had some little chat with the coach and the coach told us that we must play like yesterday’s practice. We shouldn’t let the enemy pull our back line so their striker can move freely to the front of my goal.

Second half started, I tried to convince all my teammates that we could turn this game around. We dominated the second half, and at like 7th minute we scored a goal from a really nice open play. At that rate, I thought we would score another goal to equalize them and stood a chance to win via penalty shoot-out. But minute after minute, we tried to break their defenses but we couldn’t find any chance. Until the very last free kick in front of their goal and we almost scored it. Not long after that, full-time whistle blew and I felt like… “ONLY 1 GOAL, OH MY GOD”… It still haunts me until now. But, nice play by us having a clean sheet on the second half. If we played like that since the very beginning, we could’ve won that match. But yeah, what’s done is done.

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