The thing that hurts a player the most…

Well, living here in Bandung and choosing ITB as my university is not a bad choice. I really have a lot of friends and most of them are funny and friendly. I’m such a lucky person to be with them. But… there are things that cloud my mind recently…


So, as you have knew before, my team (STEI C) lost 1-2 to FITB B at TPB Cup futsal tournament. I was really disappointed after that match, yet my friends still praised my game and they told me that it wasn’t my fault that we conceded 2 goals, and I was having a great game. I don’t know whether they were telling me the truth or not. So… today I watched girls from STEI playing futsal against SBM and we won 1-0. I am, and was happy but things like my team has knocked out… is still darkening my mind. If only my team didn’t lose, if only I could do better… we wouldn’t lose, I think. I really want to play again, because watching and supporting is not as fun as playing. When you’re supporting for a team, all you can do is giving your best to support them and keep praying. But when you’re playing, everything is at your hand– of course with God’s intervention.


But yeah… I really don’t like to just standing or sitting still, watching my friends playing, supporting them, yelling at them… I want to play, I want to do more… if only I could. But yeah, I really wish my friends tomorrow for the best. I hope our lost gives them motivation to do their best. :)


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