My thoughts on Digimon Adventure’s OSTs (Break Up and Anywhere, Always)

Okay so, I don’t know what came into my mind but recently I’m so addicted (again) with Digimon. Yesterday I looked for the lyrics, and I found really, really nice lyrics and it really suits up for my life.

You heard the voice of a heart, didn’t you 
Shouting “I don’t want to lose” 
There’s nothing else to do, but bluff it and stand and fight

What can I say? Only– it’s  so true. When we are in a losing position and want to give up, our very heart will say, “Don’t give up.” or so.

It’s no one’s turn but your own 
You can’t run away 
You’ve got to put that precious tomorrow on the line

Yes, it’s our own. When we face things, we don’t want to run away from it. We have to face it– like how we prepared to face tomorrow because we can’t stop the time from rolling.

When you think there’s no way you can keep on 
And your legs are trembling 
You feel the eyes of one who believes in you

You have friends 
Who surrendered their courage to you 
In the midst of the wind, they’re calling your name

When I first read these lyrics, the first thing that came into my mind is… my position now. I realize that so many people want my position in my current university. Although I feel so underrated in this college because I have to compete with tons of genius persons, I always have at least one person who believes me– for example, my mother and my father. I don’t know, maybe my high school teacher also, or my brother, or… anyone else. Citizens who want to feel my position, who had been disqualified from SNMPTN– yes they surrendered their courage to me– they trust me that I can manage this position better than them, although I feel I don’t make them satisfied enough.

Get break up! To break up! A new fighter, this is the true beginning 
You’ll surpass yourself 
From this place 
Get break up! To break up! 
Seething power, you’ve already realized 
You can’t leave a dream for another 
You’ve got to make them come true 
It’s time to go!!

It is written already in the stars. When we want to accomplish a quest or objective, we don’t want to ditch one to gain another, but at least we have to try to accomplish it– and it will become better if we complete it. That’s what the lyric said.

Thanks to the song, the title is “Break Up” — The Digivolution Theme from Digimon Adventure 02– and thanks for you, too for reading this mini-article. I hope this one can give you inspiration. :D


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