Two thousand and twelve recap in a chronological order

2012 has brought me so many things, both sadness and happiness. A fantastic year, I have to say. Especially because God still gives me another chance to repent for my sins and do more merit everyday. Okay then, let’s get to the topic!


I came back into routine activity after like 1 week break. Second semester in in class XII Senior High School was rolling so fast. Try-outs everywhere for National Examination. But there were also try-outs from my courses for National Selection for University. Both gave the same subjects, just… a different way and difficulty. The National Examination’ try-outs relatively easy while for the University Selection, it was soooo damn hard. Err, what else happened in this month… maybe only that.


First month of the year had passed. Still, things were still the same. Try-outs everywhere. Some of birthday parties of my friends were held. And then… oh yeah. Arsenal were losing 4-0 to AC Milan in San Siro due to bad pitch. Arsene Wenger struck AC Milan that he told already about the pitch’ quality, but UEFA wouldn’t even think twice about his comment. Try-outs, I was still suck at Math, both for National Exam and National Selection. 2 months left for the National Exam and 4 months left for the National Selection. I thought, I must work harder but in fact I kept playing in my home.


Arsenal beat Milan 3-0 this time in Emirates, but that was not enough to deliver them to the next knock-out stage. Arsenal got knocked-out with heads up. In this month, too– Arsenal beat Sp*rs 5-2 and Liverpool 1-2 both in Emirates and in Anfield. Oh, and my mom’s birthday was at this month! Happy birthday to her!


The time had come finally for the National Exam. Like two weeks before the Exam, there were separations of the class– it was like a sorting by try-out scores. Some of my friends used the ‘key’ thingy so they could get higher score but I didn’t even care. My life, my game. I have been living through many games in DotA where the enemies were using cheats like MapHack or something like that, and I was still exist at that time. I told myself, “I don’t need those trash thing to win this battle.” Oh well, sometimes I am rash and harsh, depending on what topic I am talking on. Sorry about that. At April 28th, I turned 18! Yeay!


After the National Exam, my course was still intensive about giving try-outs for National Selection and I was really looking for it. I wanted to enter Bandung Institute of Technology. No, I really wanted to. I worked hard although my try-outs score wasn’t far from 40-50 percent. I thought I took a wrong selection by choosing STEI and FTI (both 64 and 63 percent relative difficulty) but yeah, I had chosen that and I shouldn’t go back. Although there were some heartbreaking news (at that time) that two of my friends were accepted into ITB via National Selection Invitational (there were two of National Selections, one Invitational and the other one is Written Test). And… actually at that time (again) I liked someone from those two. But now, I think that’s just a normal feeling, ahaha! All that I thought at that time was, I should be able to enter ITB as their college student. I SHOULD BE ABLE! Time was running out, like two weeks more before the National Selection.


The time had come at last. It was the month of National Selection to Enter Universities. I gave everything I had before the ‘war’. But at the night before the test, I played some games with my friends (wtf -_-) so my brain wouldn’t be so nervous the next day. After taking a 8-9 hours sleep, I woke up and prayed at 3 AM. I prepared for everything and honestly I didn’t even think about playing. I took a bath at 5 AM and got to go at 5.30 AM. I hugged my mother before going while my father went with me so my driver didn’t need to go back to my house to pick up my dad. First day, impressive. I didn’t even know what miracle stuck inside my head. I only missed 3 out of 75 in Potential Academic Test and 2 out of 45 in Basic Skills Test. I came back home and took a nap. I was really afraid of Mathematics’ section because I was really bad on it (and I’m still bad now though). Fast forward, I finished the day. I missed 14 out of 60. Not pretty bad though but I was really really really afraid because I knew I could do better. I was thinking, “How if there are people smarter than me and they completed perfectly?” Suddenly there was doubt in my mind. Followed by after having a futsal this month, we (I with my friends) were a little bit talking about the test and I got 1 wrong answer at Biology. My mind, my heart were all broken. I was like… there was no way I could enter ITB. But, when I was going home, Arsene Wenger’s quote came into my mind. “If you don’t believe you can do it, then you have no chance at all.” Yes, I should believe. Through thick and thin, that was what I tweeted on Twitter.


July 7th, 2012. That was the day of the announcement. But something happened that caused the announcement day to be at July 6th. It was on Friday. During the Friday prayer, I prayed to God, “Oh God, whatever the results, I know it is given by You, and it is the best choice by You, although it may be not the best for me. I will accept (although heavy-hearted) the results even it is bad.” That evening, I couldn’t even have a dinner. I didn’t feel hungry at all. I was really nervous. I stood in front of my laptop, pressing F5 to refresh the website. At 7 PM, FINALLY! I could enter my test number and my birth date. My father was beside me and I had entered every single information about me on the site. It was just about pressing the ‘OK’ but I didn’t have the brave to click it. I was really afraid I didn’t selected. Then my father said, “It is the best for you. Go for it.” And… I pressed OK. This thing appeared in my monitor. I jumped and hugged my father, crying. I changed my BBM’ PM and tweeted about that. I was really really happy. I didn’t know I could overcome the odds. 112-30-11926. Fast forward, the first day of matriculation was on this month. I met many friends! My matriculation class was K-31 (and it’s still exists until now.) The people inside it, although we came from different regions, I feel like this was the best matriculation class ever. We were so compact. OSKM followed the matriculation’s ending. OSKM– in English– is Study Orientation of College Student’s Family– or something like that, whatever. I learned so many things there. It was finished on July 31st. I came back to Jakarta for holiday on August 1st.


There wasn’t much to tell in this month. I started my first lecture as a college student of STEI ITB 2012 on August 27th. Well, I met like 10 of K-31 there. Time flew into September.


Days after days, my live had become very difficult, especially because the subjects a little bit hard (or my Senior High School’s test was so easy) and my boarding house was so… bad I guess. I couldn’t even play online games there. I couldn’t deliver my BBM quickly too because the region was lacking signal (and it’s still lacking until now). There was internet and wi-fi there, yes. But… its speed was so slow. Slower than Slowking. Then I decided to bring my father to Bandung to find new Boarding House. I got one finally at Cisitu. The owner told me that I could move there in November. Here we go!


There was nothing much to tell in this month, too. The only important thing was I took my first-ever mid-term of Physics in this university on October 20th. Followed by Calculus the next week. And so the other subjects, every week. Oh yeah! I forgot about TPB Cup. I was one of the keeper for my faculty. I got team C, but that was not a problem because I knew all persons were a good player! The day after KPIP mid-term, sadly it was my team first who played against FITB B. For the full story:


Second mid-term was in this month. I was very prepared because I had a new boarding house at Cisitu. I was really happy because I could play with my friends again (online games) and I could meet a lot of my ITB friends there (they are living there as well). Memorable moment in this month… I came back to Jakarta on November 24th to gather with my big brother and 3 of my gaming friends at Paregu, South Jakarta. Just for 5 hours, then I came back to Bandung and arrived there at 10.30 PM. Luckily it was Saturday night so there were still many public transportation there.


December. After finishing second mid-term, I looked up for my final score. I got B in Physics, BC in Calculus and B in Chemistry. Sadly, my two friends who came from the same Senior High School should ‘repair’ their score in Calculus and Chemistry. I was really grateful because I thought I should take a remedial test to repair my score but… miracle happened. The other thing… I met an interesting student from 2012 too, but she is from FSRD (Faculty of Art and Design). I met her when I was about to make a documentation of KM-ITB Olympics and we were on the same division, so… yeah. Maybe, just maybe!

Okay, maybe that’s enough to recap this year! I hope things will get better in 2013. Let’s go for the future!


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