From futsal to deep friendship…

It has been long since I first met him, yes. Let’s just say his name is A. During TPB Cup Futsal’ training session, I met and got to know many people from my faculty. Although I was like a fresh-from-the-oven goalkeeper, I’m happy that I could participate in TPB Cup representing my faculty. I got into team C. People usually think that from grade A, B, C, A is the better and C is the worst.  But I don’t think so. I’m really glad with the team’s spirit during the last training day before the match. That day, I like… I first met him– he was the 2nd goalkeeper from team A.

Tomorrow’s morning, it’s Sunday. I arrived at my college to represent my faculty from an opening ceremony– or something like that– and he was among us. After that, we watched the futsal matches together. He gave me several tips for the upcoming match at 2 PM. After watching a close and intense match, we went to Salman for Zuhur prayer and lunch. Until now, I still don’t have an idea why he knew that I was nervous. Yes, I was really nervous because I was really afraid that I would concede many goals. But he and my other friends encouraged me. One of their tips was, “Don’t afraid to fall.” The fall word means a movement by the goalkeeper to throw himself to the ground to stop the ball.

We lost 2-1. But I think, we had fought hard during the second half to close the 2 goals gap. We defended well and struck them well also. But sadly, time wouldn’t allow us to get more goals. After the match, he accompanied me to Salman for ‘Asr prayer. When I was walking with him, he was like cheering me up while asking many questions like, “How was it feel when you stood on the field?” I was disappointed, yes… I wanted to cry but I just couldn’t because our supporter were immense and his cheering really kept my tears from falling.

Back then, like 1-2 weeks ago, my faculty had a futsal session. At a moment, I saw him conceded a goal and acted like me– with two hands up as a symbol of apologize. Yes, I did that too before it. I don’t know but I really like him and I’m normal. I have a feeling for someone (girl) but… this feeling (to him) is different. I feel like I was watching myself playing. I feel like I was looking on a mirror. But still… he’s far way more clever than me… and we are going to the different study program in the future. After a lecture when the lecturer offended me a little bit, he told me, “Be patient, I felt like that too once.”

And… when I looked at the presence sheet– which has Name, NIM, Facebook Name, and Handphone Number, he didn’t write his Facebook Name. I don’t know whether he really doesn’t have it or he does have but doesn’t want to let the other people to know. If he really doesn’t have Facebook, then… I guess… we are really similar in many aspects. But someday, I hope I can be as clever as him.

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