Hikaru No Go – Dream Get Over (1st opening) Overview

I don’t know, but Hikaru No Go OSTs are so good. This one and the Sincerely – Ever Dream one are so perfect with my feeling right now. I really LOVE these lyrics. But on top of that, the anime itself is like the most valuable anime I have ever watched.

If it was something I could give up on,

I wouldn’t have taken notice of it to begin with.

If I could forget about it,

I wouldn’t have thought it necessary to begin with.

These lyrics express Hikaru’s determination in Go. When Sai disappeared, he said that he was going to give up on Go. In real life, the one and only match to these lyrics are your lifemate.

If I only live for pleasure, I won’t be able to see anything in my future.

So I won’t run away from reality, no matter what happens, I will face it.

Well, this one I guess you can explain yourself… it’s so true. Although the second bait– we sometimes forget about it. Running away from reality won’t fix things, it will just make things worse.

I promise I will protect everything that’s important to me.

I’ll put everything I have into protecting things I don’t want to lose.

These two baits are touching as well. When you love someone, your instinct will always want to help him/her– regardless in what condition you are. You don’t mind what will happen to your health as long if your doings will make him/her happy.

Next post will be about the Sincerely – Ever Dream (2nd ending)! Just wait for it :)

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