Rubick, the Life, the Carry, and the Wait.

It has been the 3rd day since I first time picked Rubick, 21 games at the moment already. It all began with the documentary video of The International 2 in 2012 which features top teams of the world. What makes me interested, excited, amazed is the Na`Vi’s turnaround clash against iG in the semi-final of the winners bracket (before Na`Vi advanced to the winners bracket final to face LGD, which they won). It was cool to see Dendi forced himself out of Ravage then Black Hole came out from Light and he stole the Ravage easily. But that’s not all. I think it’s very cool to react like that… the pace, the movement, the spontaneous reaction… so, yeah. I want to be like them. I need to train harder.

Okay. So why did I choose this title? “Rubick, the Life, the Wait, and the Carry”? It’s interesting for me. I am not interested in playing solo mid lane Rubick, but I play sideline to sit a carry instead. Maybe a little dumb, but my starting item is Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, Animal Courier and 3 pieces of Tango. Hey, that’s a little bit out of topic– no! Why I buy Observer Wards, because I need to open the map. Why I buy Sentry Wards, because I need to counter Observer Wards from the opposing team, if they buy some. Why I buy Courier, well, I guess, because I want to be a hard support. Why I buy Tango? To eat your trees.

This picture, featuring Light and Dendi after that turnaround clash. I really like when a player expresses his feeling by screaming or so. It shows dedication, determination, and spirit. I replayed the scene for like ten or more times, I just couldn’t resist the moment during and after the clash. Even the crowd did a standing ovation for Na`Vi for their greatness.

The life. Players in DotA has life. When a hero dies, he/she will have respawn timer which depends on his/her hero level. Then why do you choose a hero in DotA? To play and to win, right? Nobody wants to lose, except a loser. You will never want to die in DotA, except your death is worth it for your teammates. Everyone reading this alive, right? Yeah. You are living a life. You are something that lives in this… world. We– humans– set our foot on this dearest Earth. But this Earth is just a little, a very very little part of this world. We got The Milky Way and the other galaxies out there. Have humans know where is the corner of this world? No. But God, who gave us this life, knows. Let’s cut the topic to a smaller one. We have problems in our daily activities, right? These are parts of this life… and the Wait and the Carry, they’re parts of this life, too.

The wait. Waiting… everyone usually hates to wait, right? Waiting for your respawn timer, waiting for your abilities’ cooldown, and waiting for your core hero to get his/her core items. As a support, I really want to do my best to help the carries farm. Suiciding for them is important, although you will still feel irritated if you are dying. But that’s life in DotA as a support. You must be patient, waiting for your core hero(es) to get his/her/their core items. Also in real life, maybe there is something– or there are things that you have been waiting for a long time, but until now you haven’t find it or own it yet. It needs patience. If you look on Arsenal– 8 years already without trophies– but they could still attract great players such as Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud to join them. The wait might be bitter, but the feeling when achieving that thing is surely priceless.

The carry. Carry is core hero. Continuing from the last paragraph, support heroes have to wait for their carries to bring their team to victory, because support heroes will not stand as strong as carries in the late game. Patience, as I have said before, is important. Not only just for the supports, but for the carries aswell. If they aren’t patient, they won’t be farming well, they will be getting pickoff-ed for many times, and they will be in haste everytime. In real life, it will be easier if we call it the Burden. Promise, is a burden. Commitment, is a burden. Faith, is a burden. Our soul, our life, is a burden from our Maker. The problem is how do we react and manage that burden effectively in this life.

Sometimes, people don’t know if something is worth the waiting time. What I really like from playing Rubick is that I can train my patience aswell. I am currently waiting for something , someone, and someday. Rubick is the perfect hero for me at the moment. Arsenal is the perfect club for me at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Rubick, the Life, the Carry, and the Wait.

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