The Shittest Shit: A Coercion to Create Failbook Account

Okay. This is getting out of control. I have been struggling with this for many years but it looks like today is the peak. I am currently on the second year in my university. During the second year, I can join a group of student’s group interest, called “Himpunan” in Indonesian. To join them, one must struggle through regeneration so the seniors can make sure that the next generation can keep the burden the “Himpunan” has.

The shit thing is, one is more likely to have a Facebook account to gather all the information. The question is, why must Facebook? The one which needs login to see informations. We have WordPress. We have Tumblr. We do even have Google Docs. Why must Facebook? It’s the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and heard. Oh, you still don’t know why I hate Facebook so much? OK, I’ll tell you.

One reason: LAG! I lost many online tournaments because of Facebook. Facebook ate my internet’s bandwidth so when I was playing, I got lagged and so I couldn’t participate well for my team. You still think it’s not important? Yes, because you’re not a gamer. You are not a competitive gamer who heads for competitive gaming for international play. I really want to play representing Indonesia in international matches. Not only on online tournaments, but things like Clan Wars, Rated Arena Matches (WoW), I lost some of them because of Facebook lagging my network, too.

I tell you this, I almost reached 2200 rating in WoW which was the requirement to buy Tier 2 Elite Weapons and some other Equipments. If I got these things, pretty sure arena would have been easier because our enemies most likely had Tier 2 Weapons. If I couldn’t get them? Pretty much got raped in the opening seconds of the game. Wizard Cleave, Triple DPS, KFC, or other FotM comp were ready to stomp us, the T1 wielder… Clan Wars? During clashes, I got lagged and then suddenly my hero died or my teammates died… and one of the most important thing was, during online tournaments. If only Facebook didn’t eat bandwidth… if only Facebook is like Twitter, light-of-bandwidth… I think everything should be fine.

Now I guess, I’m going to throw this regeneration-called-as “******”… I don’t want to create Facebook and I am ready to face its consequences. It’s my path and I won’ let anyone intervene me. For me, one social network is enough and it’s going to be Twitter. If Facebook didn’t eat my bandwidth, probably I am playing in international level now… either in World of Warcraft or DotA. Oh well, fate has its own way for me and I know it’s the best.


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