People have their own treasure

Treasure, what is it? Something valuable. Something worth. Something important in our life. Even our body is our own treasure because if some parts of them are taken, they are not perfect anymore, at least for me. Even though, there are people who can overcome their physical flaw by their will power. Like a swimmer who doesn’t have legs or hands but he/she can still win tournaments, it’s because his/her spirit. That spirit and will power are treasures too, you know. Treasure’s representation isn’t always a visible ‘thing’. There are treasures which we can’t see with our eyes. For example, there are treasures in people’s mind and heart. Can we analogize it? Feeling as a treasure? Yes, we can. But how about love? Let’s start from feeling first.

Feeling is a very, very, very common thing. Feeling is not always love but love is part of feeling. When something bad happens to your friend and you come to help him/her quickly, that’s feeling. It’s a feeling of friendship. If that feeling grows into the next level, it will become affection. Affection is the next level of friendship because it doesn’t maintain friendship only, but the caring for each other too. Nowadays, friendship might be maintained but the feeling of caring each other is sometimes hard to see, either from the same gender or the different gender. If we care for the same gender, it’s fine. But don’t even try to try the next level of caring to the same gender, because people might accuse you for something bad :p

What is the next level of caring? Yes, it is love. I think a relationship is not a real relationship like everything is different from friendship. A relationship consists of friendship, caring each other, and the last one is love… at least for me. Why? Because if someone, let’s just say Mr. X, has a relationship with the other one, let’s just say Mrs. Y, but they don’t have the feeling of caring each other– or even friendship, I guess their relationship will be hard to maintain. Because in a relationship, you don’t just “assign” your mate as your b/g friend who should always be romantic to you. He/she is your friend, too. You can do many things with him/her, like laughing together, walking together, playing together, eating together… as long you don’t trespass the religion’s boundary, I guess it’s fine.

But still, do people have these treasures? I’m a little bit confused when a couple walk together, one of them is smoking. Then this person blows the smoke to his/her mate. What is that? That’s not love. It doesn’t even meet the criteria of caring each other. Friendship? Maybe, because they are walking and talking to each other. But blowing the smoke to another person in front of his/her face is just ridiculous. Does he/she even care about his/her mate? We all know that passive smoker is worse than active smoker. But, yeah, I hope God will make him/her realize for what he/she had done.

Sometimes we have a wrong thoughts on love. Does love should be shown by acting kind? No. It’s like the example above. The g/b friend might just tell his/her mate to stop smoking because it’s dangerous for him/her and the people nearby. Even if he/she is using a loud voice, it doesn’t mean he/she is angry. He/she is just showing his/her care. But still, it will be better if love is shown by talking calmly. Calm voice will bring harmony to every person who hears it, but loud voice has been “stereotyped” as a feeling of angry.

Okay, that’s all probably. I can’t expand this post anymore, but I will write like this soon when I have time… and I have the will to write xD. Thanks for reading, have a nice day!


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