The International 3: Recap

From the group A prelims, Natus Vincere topped the group with 11-3 while Alliance topped group B with 14-0. Alliance smashed 2-0 to the lower bracket while Na`Vi beat Orange 2-1. The other upper bracket matches, TongFu proceeded to fight Na`Vi after beating Fnatic while DK knocked the brother– and also the defending champions TI2– Invictus Gaming.


Meanwhile in the lower bracket, Rattlesnake, MUFC, mouz, and Virtus Pro were the first to be knocked out from the tournament. The 2011 champions, Na`Vi, marched through the winners bracket final after beating TongFu 2-1– which they won those 2 games with Dendi’s Pudge– and they faced Alliance who got their undefeated streak beaten by Team DK, but they were winning the series by 2-1 anyway. Meanwhile in the lower bracket, Orange, Fnatic, iG, and Liquid surprisingly beat (in order) Dignitas,, Zenith, and the big Chinese team,


The 6th prize went to Fnatic as the Malaysian team, Orange, rushed through them. Liquid also couldn’t stand the defending champions, iG as they took home the 6th place and prize. The 5th place went to DK as Orange took down the last 2 Chinese team. iG also, got defeated by TongFu, leaving them the 5th place. Orange did a very very superb job as Ky.xY played a vital role with his Magnus, setting TongFu home with the 4th place.


The lower brackets final ended up a little bit bitter for Orange, especially Ky.xY. He denied the Aegis although it was uncontested. They had to pay the price as Na`Vi retaliated from 1 game down to win the series 2-1. Orange got the 3th.


The final game was crazy. Na`Vi lost first game then made a comeback two games in a row. Alliance also, showed their great resilience, taking back the game 4. The game 5 was a heartstopper. While AdmiralBulldog’s NP pushing top T3 and Loda’s CK with EGM’s Io pushing T3 bottom, 3 heroes of Na`Vi’s teleportation got cancelled by s4’s Puck. With that, top and bottom melee-ranged raxes were down. The tide turns for Alliance as they marched to the throne and claimed the best DotA 2 team of the world title.


Well played for Alliance, I was rooting for Na`Vi though. But still, Na`Vi is my favorite team.


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