GMPGL Indonesia Qualifier, Round 1

Yesterday, I with my team played on a qualifier of Gigabyte Mineski Pro Gaming League for Indonesia. This is like our first time on an online tournament for DotA 2. We did a good draft but we played weirdly. The line up was:


Us (Radiant)


Top: Slark-Shadow Demon-Lina -> changed to Lifestealer-Shadow Demon-Lina since 3rd min

Mid: Dragon Knight

Bot: Lifestealer -> changed to Slark since 3rd min


Them (Dire)


Top: Obsidian Destroyer -> changed to Obsidian Destroyer-Rubick-Bane since 3rd min

Mid: Tidehunter

Bot: Nerubian Weaver


Our trilane and bottom lane failed if I can say. The top lane couldn’t be offensive because Bane, Rubick, and OD are so damn protective. Bane can Enfeeble LS, Nightmare the other, while Rubick can also reduce damage of enemy heroes and lift them also. Meanwhile, OD can Astral offensively and defensively too. Bottom lane meanwhile, Weaver was farmed already when Slark was going to manfight him. Slark had only PMS and 2 branches with a set of Tango and a Salve. Weaver had Ring of health, basilius, 3 branches and a Salve. The next minute, the Weaver had Treads already. When top lane was diving to their tower, Weaver teleported there and got a triple kill. The game was pretty much decided when our Shadow Demon played badly with some defensive Disruption on stunned enemies and some other mis-Disruption. We called the GG at 25 minutes. Pretty sad but next month we will try again.

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