Life of a/an mid/offlaner

Midlaner? Offlaner? They both are my favorite role. This time I will not only talk about these roles in game, but also its impact to my real life. Let’s start!

Mid lane? Well, I learned this role since like 6-7 years ago. I think it’s a really fun role; although very risky at the same point. You have to battle with the other team’s best mid laner (especially during big games, like tournaments or something) and if you lose the mid lane, their mid hero will rotate elsewhere and wreck havoc on your team’s other lane. This is a big disadvantage for your team because they got 2 winning lane in hand. Losing a lane during the early game will be massive as time flies. A well-played Puck might get his/her Blink Dagger at 10th minute if he/she is controlling the lane freely. And yeah, it’s so vital to have Blink Dagger that early for better initiation. I have a lot of mid lane heroes, such as Puck, Storm, Clock, Alchemist, and many others.

Off lane? I learned this role not long ago. Like– 1 year before probably until now, I have managed to learn more heroes for safe lane such as Clockwerk, Nature’s Prophet, and Lone Druid. People probably call this lane “suicide lane” because this lane has shorter path than the other team’s safe lane has. Your job here is so different compared to the mid lane role. When you take the mid lane, you have to win the lane no matter what except your opposing hero is a pure counter to your hero. In that case, you just wait for the moment he/she overextends and you should capitalize on that. Back to the suicide lane, experience is enough for you; although getting some golds is better.

The impact on my real life? I think that I tend to do everything by myself and help others if I have done my job. I tend to keep everything alone and don’t want to share problems with the others. I always want to finish everything with my own power even though I often fail and I regret it. But for the time being, I prefer working together to solve a problem rather than solving my own problem by myself (which I progressed slowly). As a conclusion, I used to be alone and sometimes I still prefer being alone though (solo line ftw). Not sure when I will get a dual lane partner.


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