The essence of roles and lanes… in DotA (again)

Well, why did I choose this topic? I just came back home and thought about some lyrics I heard yesterday… and yeah, magically analogies started to hug my mind; thus forced me to write this thing. Before getting further, I will give you the basics of DotA, but on this content, I will just give the lane informations.

There are a 3 lanes of DotA, but they hold different roles, depending on what heroes One’s team are playing.

  • Top lane
    • You are going top lane; here, you have a lot of chances today, they are:
      • You will meet solo safe lane
      • You will meet tri safe lane
      • You will meet dual safe lane
    • Offensive trilane (Radiant): You are going top lane with the other 2 guys, your goal here is to shut down your enemy’s carry.
    • Solo hardlane (Radiant): You are going top solo, leaving all your teammates in advantage because safe lane is much more likely to win, regardless of what heroes both team have picked.
    • Solo (Dire): Same with the Radiant side, you have chances such as:
      • You will meet solo hard lane
      • You will meet offensive trilane
  • Middle lane: You are going middle lane, most likely to fight 1v1 except there is another plan to do dual mid.
  • Bottom lane: The same as the top lane, you just switch between sides, ie. if you are in Radiant team, you can meet offensive trilane.

Okay, that’s the overview, ladies and gentlemen! For the essences… right. Especially in pub games, if you are a solo player (either offlane/midlane) you will want to take the line no matter what. Why? Because you feel you are the most viable player to take that lane. Sounds arrogant and egoistic but there are things in this life that you can’t share. If you are fighting a strong solo mid player with a strong solo mid hero, you won’t stand a chance with a crazy dual mid. The other lane players, in the meantime, have to acknowledge the “first” person who says “solo mid” or something like that. Believe in your teammate, that’s one of DotA’s rule. If you take the middle lane already, don’t disappoint your teammate who has better mid lane skill than you. People’s trust is hard to be earned. Remember, mid lane is vital for middle and late game. Imagine if you are running a Puck mid and getting 10 minutes Blink Dagger, it can ruin the opposing’s team strategy up to 30-40%. Puck’s initiation is crazy with Blink Dagger, Coil, Orb then shift out and wait for the correct Jaunt timing. Last but not least, if you take the middle lane with a STRONG hero in 1v1 condition, never ever throw that advantage. For example, you are running OD against Intelligence heroes, or Viper against anything, etc.

Offlane! Well, this one is kinda sad. You are exiled nowhere to fight against trilane, usually. During these times, you don’t want to be aggressive. Just leech experience and gold if possible. Heroes that can run offlane nowadays have strong survivability and have escaping mechanism such as Blink, Illusory Orb, Charge of Darkness, Rage, etc. If they don’t, most people usually take long-range spells such as Rocket Flare, Shockwave, Powershot, and Ancestral Spirit. The purpose is to get some gold; if you are not getting experience because opposing heroes will zone out you. The key of offlane is… patience. You have to be patient. You are on a suicide lane and your teammates are doing their job to capitalize their advantage (except if your opponents run an offensive trilane).

Trilane, yeah. Here lies the most valuable thing: coordination. When you run a trilane, you must choose who is going to zone out the heroes in the lane, and who is going to pull creeps. This is important because most people will always want to pull no matter what the condition is. Yes, once again… coordination. Trilane won’t success without it. You must trust your friend if you want to set up a kill, otherwise everything will be screwed up and your team will be on a disadvantage soon.

I, as a solo player, feel like the solo play itself has affected my real life as well, in some cases. I like doing things alone but I don’t mind if my friends are helping. I enjoy both. Same like taking solo line. You enjoy being in a 1v1 condition but you won’t decline your teammate’s help if they gank your lane’s opponent. The persistence, I acknowledge that sometimes I am so persistent and rock-headed. I always overextend when I have committed to something until I fail totally. I don’t want to give up until it’s too late. Probably that’s why I have no fear to fight a person with better mid lane skill than me, because I won’t get smarter if I don’t play a smarter opponent. Then, the “this line is not for share” rule. You have things you don’t want to share in your life, right? You don’t want to be disturbed in some cases also. Again, yeah. I admit that I’m pretty egoistic and rock-headed in this case. But if a teammate says “solo mid” faster than me, it’s okay. I don’t mind if he takes the middle lane but that time I really hope he won’t disappoint me after. As a solo liner also, you have to help the other lane sometimes, either using global skill or rotating from the river. You might be alone but your teammate needs help. Show them some love.

As a support in the trilane, I always want to do the best for my carry. I don’t care if I’m poor because I buy wards 24/7. If my carry becomes fat, everything will be paid. Being a support means you are ready to feel something called “misery”. But don’t worry, that pain, that pressure, will have a good outcome if your carry farms well. When I run trilane with me as support, I have to hide my egoistic and rock-headed person for that game. Because, yeah. I have to give my carry the best way to farm even if I have to die to protect him. That’s the real support. You don’t farm but you have to be a little bit rich. Don’t steal your carry’s farm because it will delay his items and your team’s win might be postponed… or cancelled.

I like solo lane. It feels like you can do things even when you are alone. But when you only have a choice to trilane, why don’t show some love to your teammate(s)? Imagine you fall in love with a girl but you don’t want to sacrifice for her (either time, mental, or physical condition) during thick and thin. That’s the analogy. Well, I guess that’s all I could write. Thank you for reading this piece of useless crap! :D


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