Hello, fellow readers! Do you still remember the “Batman” trilogy film? Yes, you do! Then, remember the first episode when Bruce Wayne first became Batman. He chose to be a symbol because as a human, he can be corrupted by people, but as a Batman, he can’t. He never stated the “police organization” as a partner except for some good persons such as Jim Gordon. He said in the first episode, “I never feel the luxury of having friends.” And so it goes, he protected Gotham without having police as his job. He worked independently and still achieved what he wanted.


What can we learn from him? To restore/recover/rejuvenate a system, one has a lot of ways. Bruce Wayne chose the “Batman Ways” and it was effective. We? In our life? To destroy criminality and injustice, we don’t always have to be a police. Maybe someday, a symbol like Batman will rise and bring justice to us all. But for now, we all have to give our best effort.


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