[Invoker Mid Analysis] Null Talisman vs Ring of Basilius

Wow. It has been long since I last posted here. Recently, I was playing Hearthstone, a TCG Warcraft-based game and I think it’s quite fun, although some legendary and rare card users stomped me 24/7, while I only have Defender of Argus and Argent Defender, each of them 1. Aside of playing Hearthstone, I played some Dota games as well and sure, I took middle lane. This week I tried a lot of Invoker with first item, Ring of Basilius.

Why Basilius, not Null Talisman? Here is the stats comparison:

Stat  — Ring of Basilius          | Null Talisman

Dmg — +6                                        | +9 (+3 from the item itself and +6 from intelligence increase)

Stats — 0                                          | +3 (additional +3 for Intelligence)

Armor — +3 (aura)                     | +0,42

Mana regen — +0,65 (aura) | +0,12

PDR* — +13%                               | +2%

* PDR = Physical Damage Reduction from armor

And here’s the Invoker level 1 stats:


Damage: 38 (35-41) Armor: 1 (9% PDR) Movespeed: 280

Strength: 19 Agility: 20 Intelligence (P): 22

HP: 511 MP: 286 Attack Range: 600 Projectile speed: 900

Sight range: 1800/800 Turn rate: 0.5 Base attack time: 0.7

Attack duration: 0.4 (attack animation) + 0.7 (assuming full range) Cast duration: 0

All credits to http://dota2.gamepedia.com/ Invoker and the game, Dota 2 itself

At first, let the Invoker we want to play is the Invoker in a serious game, not in a stomp game that allows you to get Dagon in order to killsteal from your friends. Why? Because first, that’s why Null Talisman is there for. Puck and Tinker are a great example. They usually build Dagon in the mid-game and got strong early game. Compared to Invoker, when he is only level 1 or 2, only got one spell (Q/W/E and R if he is level 2 already), he barely has any strong early power. He is very fragile to harassment, that’s why Tinker and Puck are two of the heroes who can shut down Invoker early, before he gets level 2/3 Exort— if he is playing fire– because at 2/3 Exort, Invoker can contest Tinker and Puck‘s farm. See, Tinker got Laser and Puck got Phase Shift, which they are using it to both harass and make some defensive moves, so it doesn’t matter that the fact they are Intelligence-squishy heroes, they got something to protect themselves. Invoker? If you are playing QW, you will put 1/1/0/1 or even 2/0/0/1 to keep your health up and if you are playing QE, you will want to put 0/0/2/1 to contest the lane. Level 1 Exort only gives you +9 damage, while level 2 are twice of it, +18. It is then when your damage are nearly the same as their damage.

That’s about damage… and yeah, I spoke about harassment and defensive methods. Sure, Invoker can right click to his enemy but then what? Compared to Tinker can Laser you and then got 1 or 2 free hits (~120+ damage) and Puck can Phase Shift then counter-attacks you (~40+ damage), Invoker is nothing. If you buy a Null Talisman, 11%, yes it is still 11% PDR, which only reduces Puck and Tinker‘s damage for around 6 damage. It is only 1 or 2 damage difference if you don’t wear the Null. But see, people wears Null not because its armor, but damage. +9 damage is a huge deal with level 1 Exort, both gives 15 damage in total. Basilius? With level 1 Exort, it only differs 3 damage because Null gives +9 and Basilius gives 6. It’s not that much in term of damage. Stat-wise, yeah we don’t need to talk about it. Of course Null wins way above Basilius. Null gives you 57 HP, 0,09 HP/S, 0,42 armor, 78 MP, and 0,12 MP/S. Back to the armor thing, you wear Basilius, you will get an additional 13% PDR, which resulting to 22% PDR for Invoker. That’s around 12 damage reduced (twice from Null’s) and moreover, it’s AURA! You will get advantage during early game pushing when you got some space. Creeps, from ~5-6 hits increased to ~7-8 hits from Tier 1 Towers. Mana regen? Of course Basilius wins by 0,65 to 0,12… and again, AURA! Especially Exort Invoker who wants to farm better (and easier) and deny the rune with the Forged Spirit. It costs 75 mana and at level 1 Quas, it doesn’t last long and will only drains your mana. At least, level 2 Quas then the summoning of Forged Spirit will be much worth it because of the duration.

So, nowadays, whenever I play Invoker, I prefer Basilius more than Null because of… yeah, things listed above. I haven’t wrote about QW build but I use Basilius as well to sustain mana because EMP returns mana back to you, you can’t just rely on it. Invoker was badly nerfed because of Cold Snap‘s damage and therefore, we must find a way to harass more effectively and efficiently.


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