My life. My burden. My mission.


First, all praise be to God who created me in the first place and still gives me the chance to breathe until now. Second, my religion is Islam (please don’t feel offended by this, it’s just a statement for the content). Third, I am probably underrated by most people in academics. Fourth, my hobby is extremely underestimated by most people.


I know you guys hate reading wall of text, so I will make this a short one. Let’s start from the first point. I am thankful because I’m still breathing right now so I can write this kind of post. The second point, yes Islam is my religion. Although I haven’t applied all of the deeds contained in Al-Qur’an and Al-Hadits correctly everyday, at least I’m still trying right now. One of them is, “protect women”. Wait, what? Why should we protect women? Why does Islam value women highly? Well, during the hard times (read: jahiliyyah, during some times in Makkah), women weren’t treated properly. They were getting raped and everyone– at that time– thought that was something common. It was crazy. Then suddenly the light of guidance called Al-Qur’an came to Prophet Muhammad (praise be upon him) as he started to drive people of Makkah away from darkness.

It was a hard journey for him, but ended up fruitful. Women were treated properly. Allah told us via Al-Qur’an to avoid adultery. Allah also provides another way to protect woman– yes, it is via Al-Qur’an also– to cover all their body except palms and face. With that thing called “veil”, women will be less attractive for men, which prevented their lust to control them. Well, I know that some women are still attractive with the veil but at least, it protects them. Women without veil will stimulate men’s lust because they show off all their treasure. Yes, treasure. A treasure that you can only touch by marrying them. Without marriage, Islam considers it as “zina”.

Now let’s get back to the present time. Take my third and fourth point. Yes, I’m not so smart at academics compared to all my friends– whose brain can work like 100 times harder than me. I also have a hobby called “competitive gaming”, it’s different than just casual gaming. You don’t get money from casual gaming, except if you’re doing things such as live streaming. Take another point outside of the prologue that I have a life and I’m currently taking part in an Archery Unit, which I think I must spend time there a lot. Given the Islam rule and these additional three points, I simply don’t want to be in a relationship with any women. Some of them are very toxic. I respect you if you’re not toxic. What is toxic? When something doesn’t go their way, they blame everything. They wreck havoc and causing innocence people to suffer. Toxic also means someone doesn’t want to see from the other perspective and tends to use negative intonation during speaking, which is extremely irritating. Why can’t they think positive? Maybe because PMS? Uh, okay. I know I’m whining here. I really hope toxic women get an antidote as soon as possible. That’s the first reason I don’t want to be in a relationship, because I’m simply don’t want to get into a trouble. Just like Team Rocket, isn’t it? I will have a trouble everyday, then relationship will make it double. Second, as I have stated above, I’m not so smart at academics. I know my capability, although I am still pushing the limit. I hunger for more knowledge. Third, I’m trying to win something with my hobby. A lot of people underestimated it, because there are not many successful people in gaming, especially in Indonesia. When you talk about gaming, people will talk about “drop-outs” and such. Playing game competitively is not easy, especially for a team game. You need to practice and discuss with your friends. You need to maintain the team’s chemistry and friendship. You need to be a not-toxic guy. It takes a lot of time. Being in a relationship (before marriage) will cut my time and therefore, causing domino effect to my life. My academics will fall, my competitive gaming will also fall, and most importantly, I will screw up my own religion.


Well, I think I write this post from my deepest heart. I know most people won’t care, but I know some will. It’s more like a statement for me, not only a post. The point of all this is nothing but one, don’t defile women’s purity.

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