Lessons learned since playing competitive DotA


Since I first played DotA in the competitive scene, I have learned a lot of thing. I teamed up with 4 close friends. We didn’t really make a great team name, until one day we officially made the team “WinRAR” in early 2014. I enjoyed that times since all of us added postfix “.rar” to our nicknames, such as “Imburden.rar”. That was the time when everything started to change my life and attitude.


Imburden.rar. No, it’s actually rar.Imburden when I got my official nickname (back then only leaderboard players who had it) in March. We joined many tournaments, mostly GMPGL (Gigabyte Mineski Pro Gaming League) and some other national tournaments such as IGLStar Dota 2 Tournament (April), Page Premier League (June), SEA Dragon Battle Qualifier (July). We only came close during SEADB Qualifier when TP.SIAPA!? beat us in the qualifier finals. It wouldn’t matter anyway since the play-off group stage would be played in August, where most of our roster were going for holiday. We gained our fame when we played against RevivaL e-Sports in order to reach the group stage of Page Premier League. There was KoaLa standing-in for them. You can see the highlights here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRJRieUYwJU&feature=youtu.be). They were outplaying us left, right, and center with splitpush and at a time, we only had melee-ranged rax of their bottom lane while they had our both top and mid melee-ranged rax PLUS bottom ranged rax. Then I saw our creep breaching their base via bottom lane and I didn’t have Exorcism, so I BoT-ed there and rushed for the throne. With Shadow Fiend and Nyx also backed me up with BoT, we won the game. Then the drama began. We thought that one of our roster would slow us down because of his limited hero pool, compared to our SF player that time who had a huge hero pool, which would affect our draft. So we decided to play with him through the group stage. We didn’t manage to get out from the group stage because we were placed in a hell group. Zero Latitude, TP.SIAPA!? and Semi Devil Ronin. After that we tried to reshuffle again because our stand-in already had a team and we couldn’t just pull him from that team. It was a great experience to play in Page Premier League because I faced a lot of great players.

We faced the second reshuffle. We got a skilled player now who played as a support. He was a nice guy and had high dedication. We went through happy moments with him. We played in a lot of tournaments such as Lynx Dota 2 Tournament and we lost against Mahameru, then we played Master Gaming Series October and December, we lost both against TP.SIAPA!? again and Garuda Stedium O2F (the October champions). Then, we reached the end of the era after some internal conflicts and faced yet another reshuffle, which is currently happening now.A new RIP THE DREAM will reborn soon.



It has been a long journey. I learned a lot of things which made a better man now (I think). I will now list everything I have learned during my journey in competitive DotA.

  1. Always think positive. No matter how rough the situation is, you need to think clearly. Never let your anger control you, if you don’t want to make the situation worse.
  2. Do your best. When you do your best, whether the outcome is good or bad, you will feel satisfied. It will be disappointing at first, but when you look back and you know you have tried your best, you don’t want to be sad. You just need to improve.
  3. Change is good. Artour “Arteezy” Babaev said it. In truth, we must strive to move forward everyday.

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