Let’s take a flashback, see ourselves in the past. Do we laugh when we look at ourselves back then? Actually, I kinda laugh at myself in the past. I really think when we laugh at ourselves in the past, it means we have improved by now. We will realize our mistakes and say, “Why I made those mistakes? I shouldn’t have let it happen”. But take a note, it’s not blaming yourself. When you blame, usually you don’t try to solve the problem. After we realize our mistakes in the past, we will think “I should have done this before doing that…” and by doing so, we will have better chances to overcome same obstacles in the future.


One or two weeks ago, I figured out something interesting. A sentence that motivates myself for greater good.

Improve while you have a room to do it, make one if you don’t have.

In real life, we have a lot of things to improve. Let’s start with ourselves, such as attitude, knowledge, and many more! Today must be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than today, as long what we improve is for greater good, not for thieving and such. I really like the quoted sentence above. We actually had a plenty rooms to improve everyday. Maybe we (especially myself) didn’t realize it. But since I realized that I have been given 24 hours a day, it’s such a shame if I don’t make an improvement. At least, I’m improving at something I really want to, like winning a DotA tournament. I have lost a lot of tournament already, I’m pretty sick of it but I don’t want to give up. During my childhood, every book I used for school had the sentence (if I remember correctly):

A champion isn’t someone who always wins races, a champion is someone who loses and tries to get up.

It’s really hard to juggle between study and DotA, just like Han “hyhy” Yong said, who got 3rd place from The International 1. It’s even harder for me because I’m not that good in academics with all non-stop big project pressures and I still have to manage my time to play DotA competitively. But recently, I feel like I have learned a lot of things since 2 weeks ago, where I lost in AMD Gaming Arena 3 times. One time for 1v1 match, and two times for the team match. After that tournament, I really wanted to improve. I was really pissed of myself when I made mistakes in games, even I replayed a lot of my matches. I don’t care if it’s only a public matchmaking replay, I can still learn a lot from that. Because if I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, I will never win a tournament. My next target is winning the two-million IDR tournament. If I win that, it will be a huge moral boost to my team especially myself. I apply the same thing for my real life skills. I began to learn Python for my web DotA 2 project 4 months ago. I used it as a server-side processor. From that, I know Python has a lot of wonderful utilities. Now I’m also working on HTML and CSS pre-processor. I really hope it will be useful for my future. So if my DotA 2 competitive career fails, I still have plan B. But I really hope my DotA 2 competitive career won’t end, because I want to show all Indonesian people that gaming isn’t a bad thing. It becomes a bad thing when you forget to manage your time when playing.


We all have to improve. Strive for the better future. Stagnant is not that bad actually, but don’t forget… improve while you have a room to do it, make one if you don’t have.


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