Lunar 1: Silver Star Story Complete Nostalgia

I spent last two weeks to play Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete and… watch (yes, I only watched it :v) the walkthrough of Lunar 1: Silver Star Story Complete. Well, since the title is about Lunar 1: SSSC, let’s get started!

The game starts with Alex (15), a boy who wants to become a Dragonmaster, visiting Dyne’s Monument on the hill, near his village. Then Nall, a white flying dragon cat comes to him and reminds him that he has a meeting with Luna (also 15) at the springs. Luna has a beautiful voice. Then they feel some kind of earthquake like… three times– more or less– I’m not sure. After that, they go to the White Dragon Cave where they meet Quark. Alex tells Quark that he wants to become a Dragonmaster. Quark gives a trial to Alex to test him. Alex passes the trial, which makes Quark impressed of him. Quark also feels something about Luna, who is actually Althena, the Goddess, who spread her own power to the entire world, destroying herself in the process. That day, a girl named Luna was born. Quark also gives Ramus the Dragon Diamond, which is exactly the reason why he accompanies Alex to the cave.

But back in Burg (Alex’s village), the shopkeeper says that the jewel’s price is too high. He then orders Ramus to go to Meribia. To reach Meribia, they have to sail across the sea. Ramus tells Alex that they should go without Luna, but during the journey in the Woods, a thick fog blocks their way. Ramus decides to return home and try again next morning. He also tells Alex to inform Luna about their journey. Hearing Alex, Nall, and Ramus going to an adventure without her, Luna is upset. Can’t do anything about it, Alex talks to his father and mother. They both let him to go, since they have considered him as an adult. Alex walks back to Luna and she apologizes that she was upset. She insists to go with them. Luna’s singing magically removes the thick fog of the Woods. They proceed along the way, meet Nash, Laike (who was Dyne in the past), and finally arrive in Saith– some kind of port town.

The romance… starts here. She tells Alex that if she couldn’t put her faith in him, how could he put his faith on her as well. Alex simply can’t say anything while Nall, moving slowly backwards, letting them have a four-eyes talk. Luna ends up by saying that she won’t go with him, Nall, Ramus, and Nash. But when the ship sets sail, everyone says goodbye to Luna and she does the same to the other. But Alex, he doesn’t say a single word. The ship moves forward, as well Luna. To the contrary, Alex moves backward so he and Luna can be somewhat align. When the ship almost leaves the dock, Alex pulls Luna to the ship, telling her that she should belong with them. Nall then tells that Luna is blushing red. Later in the evening, Alex and Nall come to the cabin room and see Luna, who looks confused. Luna tells them that she’s going to sleep early because she’s having some kind of seasick. That’s not the real reason, though. She has a feeling towards Alex, but she can’t understand it.

In the midnight, Alex wakes up and sees Luna’s bed empty. Nall also wakes up and tells Alex to search for her. They go outside to the main deck and see Luna on the fore top, singing “Wind’s Nocturne”.

After her singnig, Nall wants to say something but his mouth is immediately closed by Alex. Apparently he doesn’t want to disturb her moment, let alone thinking. They then go back to the cabin room to sleep. The next morning, they see Meribia. In this town, they meet Master Mel, who is one of the Four Heroes (the other three are Ghaleon, Dyne, and Lemia). They also escort Ramus to the store to sell his gem, which is stolen in the selling process. They pursue the thief and catch him.

After that, they go to Vane, which they meet Lemia (actually Xenobia in disguise), Mia, and Ghaleon. Ghaleon asks Alex and co. to confront the fake Dragonmaster who is threatening a village. In the process, they meet Kyle and Jessica. Jessica joins them and they complete that mission. After that, they return to Ghaleon, which makes him impressed of Alex, but ultimately of Luna’s voice. When Alex is forced to talk to fake Lemia, he can’t say anything, which makes him jailed, while Luna is taken to the Star Chamber to sing an evil song. Mia saves Alex, Nall, and someone in the prison who is wearing a memory-blocking mask. They go to the Star Chamber to save Luna. Nash then joins them. They arrive in time when Mia uses the Althena’s Mirror to show who the fake Lemia really is. After that, the person with memory-blocking mask comes to Mia. That person is the real Lemia Ausa. This makes the fake Lemia orders to her two friends to “unfold” their disguise. They are… Xenobia, Royce, and Phacia. They then flee and left some of Ultragoyles to deal with Alex and company.

After that incident, Mia becomes the temporary guild leader since Lemia is still suffering from both memory and physical injury caused by the mask. Nash becomes her advisor, while Ghaleon joins Alex to come back home to meet with Quark, the White Dragon.

In the White Dragon Cave, Ghaleon reveals himself as a Magic Emperor, enslaving Quark and kidnapping Luna, knocking both Alex and Nall out. They are saved by Laike, who was traveling to the cave as well. Laike then burns up Alex that the only way to rescue Luna is to become the Dragonmaster first. After parting with Laike, Alex goes to Meribia to find the city under attack. He is joined by Jessica and they run to the mansion to check Master Mel. In the mansion, they see Master Mel being attacked by Xenobia and her minions. When Xenobia wants to turn Jessica into a stone, Master Mel jumps to protect her, which turns him into a stone. Xenobia then runs away. Jessica tells Alex that she doesn’t want to cry. She wants to cure his father by defeating Ghaleon.

They continue their journey to the Magical City of Vane. They find the city under attack as well. With Nash and Mia joining their forces, they beat Vile Crustacean and make their way to Ghaleon. Nash tells Mia to stay in the city, but Mia insists that staying in the city won’t do any good. She must defeat Ghaleon to save her city and her mother. Nash then joins the party as well, solely to protect Mia. Mia thanks Nash for this.

They go to the Nanza Barrier, where they meet Kyle, who is disguising as an old woman. The party can’t attack because Xenobia will kill the woman if they do any action. After Kyle reveals himself, Xenobia is forced to flee. Kyle joins the party to save the world.

They start their journey with finding the other three dragons. Eventually, Alex got all the items from the Red and Blue Dragon. The last one is Black Dragon. They arrive in the village of Pao, which is currently being endangered by the voice of Dark Songstress. The song makes all woman crumbling in agony, including Mia, Jessica, and Fresca (Tempest’ girlfriend). Tempest is the leader of the village. He runs to the Black Dragon Tower alone. The party follow him. At the top of the tower, they see the Black Dragon… with the Dark Songstress, who is actually Luna, being mind-controlled by Ghaleon. Tempest tells Alex to kill her, but of course Alex just can’t do so. He tries to remind Luna about who she is, Nall also helps. Luna breaks free from the magic for awhile, but Ghaleon subdues her immediately. Then the Black Dragon Armor glows, and Alex got his final piece of Dragon equipment-things, except Dyne’s sword. They prevail against the Black Dragon, however, Ghaleon revives the Dragon and flies away… with Luna. The party return to the village, finding that all woman including Mia, Jessica, and Fresca are all alright.

They pursue Ghaleon to the Grindery. After that, the party are shocked to see that the Grindery is a some kind of tank. They chase the Grindery and try to attack it, but it is protected with a magical power. They learn that the Grindery is heading to the Althena’s tower. Therefore, Mia asks Nash to turn the airship to Vane. In Vane, they teleport to the secret chamber. Mia then casts a spell to shield the area around Althena’s Tower. When the Grindery launches an attack, Mia also casts a spell to the Grindery using Vane’s power. The Vane’s barrier breaks as the city falls from the sky. But the magic shield from Grindery also fades away with Vane’s single magic attack.

The party enter the Grindery, looking for Ghaleon. They kill his illusion and meet him at the top of Grindery. Besides him is Althena. Ghaleon reveals that Luna is Althena’s human version with all the Goddess’ buried memories. The party try to stop Ghaleon from teleporting to Althena’s Tower, but he uses a spell that knocks out the whole party. After that, the White Dragon Wings shines and teleports everyone to safety in Meribia.

Alex wakes up to find Mia and Kyle, but not Nash and Kyle. They are demoralized. With the help of Kyle and Mia, they are motivated again to strike back. Laike comes to tell his story… as the past Dragonmaster. He tells Alex to pull the sword from Dyne’s monument, and he does. With that, Alex now has every equipment that Dyne wore in the past. But the another problem comes, they don’t have any flying vehicle to reach Althena’s Tower. But Laike reveals that Nall could transform into a big, white dragon. The party are shocked seeing this. They fly away to Althena’s Tower to stop Ghaleon.

During their flight, they see every life is being sucked up to the tower. The land becomes a wasteland. They enter the tower and confront Phacia first. Phacia admits that she doesn’t want to permit such evil, eventually betraying Ghaleon’s order by letting the party pass her uncontested. The party do have a battle against Royce and Xenobia, before entering the final chamber, where Althena is channeling all power from the land to her. After a fierce battle, Ghaleon is defeated. But, he tells the party that he has won anyway, because the Althena they see is evil Althena, who will rule the world cruelly.

Alex wants to save Luna. He needs to do so. Before he sets his step to the ladder leading to the “floating ceiling” where Althena is now, she struck the ladder with powerful magic attacks. Alex stops for a while, then takes out his ocarina. He plays it for a while, then he starts walking again. He sidesteps every Althena’s magical attack and finally… he has arrived at the top. He sees Luna floating… and that is the real Luna, not an evil being anymore. She tells Alex that she needs to stay there, because if she leaves, the magical power she has sucked will explode, thus destroying the world. Alex, not wanting to leave Luna, enters the “light” surrounding Luna, just like Dragonmaster Dyne did in the past. The tower then collapses, with the fate of Alex and Luna unknown, leaving Kyle, Jessica, Nash, Mia, and Nall in sadness. Then a light comes, bringing everything back to life again, with Luna and Alex floating downwards from the sky.

The story ends with Mia being the Magic Guild leader. Mia confesses her love to Nash, and so does he. Jessica asks Kyle to meet his father, which Kyle doesn’t want at first, but it ends up happily with Mel agreed to arrange their wedding. Lastly, Alex, Luna, and Nall go to the harbor to meet Laike for the final time, then they set sail back to Burg.


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