[DotA] Storm Spirit 6.85 Nerf Analysis


It has been around one month since the 6.85 patch. Storm got one of the biggest nerf, one is his Static Remnant’s mana cost and the other is his Ball Lightning’s activation mana cost. I’m going to give my analysis regarding these nerfs, so let’s get going!


stormOkay, there you go! Today I made an Excel file regarding the Static Remnant. Yes, only Static Remnant. How about the Ball Lightning? We will talk about that later. So, Static Remnant’s mana cost has been re-scaled from 70/80/90/100 to constant 100. This is very huge, because early Storm usually harassed his lane opponent with Remnant/Overload combo. So it was like, a creep under 30% and you’re level 2, you place Remnant and you hit your opponent’s hero, or vice versa. You might hit them first or Remnant after as well, it’s just the same as long your projectile doesn’t hit them first. Now, from our tables and chart above, we see that old Remnant damage/mana cost was 2. Yeah, that’s huge. But now, it’s only  1.4. Old Storm could use like 5 Remnant charges before he left with no mana, compared to current patch he can only spam for like 3 Remnant charges. We all know that at level 4, old and new Remnant are the same. That’s my point of argument here. We need to full Remnant first before Overload to get full efficiency. See from the graph, if we prefer Overload over Remnant, our mana efficiency will drop pretty big, especially during the early phase, where our Remnant is under level 3. But, if we prefer Remnant instead, we will get better mana efficiency and the damage itself isn’t small. Each Overload point gives you +20 damage while each Remnant point gives you +40 damage. Of course, it’s pretty hard to land it to the enemy hero but, we’re talking about efficiency and farming speed.

Okay, I promised before to talk about Ball Lightning. Old storm can solo a non-instant disabler support by zip-zapping left and right around them. But, current Ball Lightning’s nerf makes it hard to do so. You lost about 8-9% of your total mana per activation, and ~1% per 100 range. Assume that you want to zip-zap from their face to their back which takes around 500-800 range, you lost 13-17% mana already. Early level of Storm doesn’t have the best items yet, so spamming Remnant during the encounter might be hurtful to your mana. Each zip-zap, hit, and Remnant might cost you up to 25% of your mana pool. This is, why, it was a very huge nerf. I haven’t found any solution regarding this yet. But the only reason people zip-zapping left and right is to confuse their opponent, gain Overload charge, and Remnant during the slow duration.


Storm got a huge nerf. Although it is a less viable hero at the moment compared to last patch, there’s a way to salvage Remnant’s nerf. However, Ball Lightning’s nerf is hard to salvage, since it is something that makes Storm able to cut through the opponent’s backline without getting disabled.

source: http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Storm_Spirit



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