Define the future or follow the current?


A sentence from my friend came into my mind randomly. This guy was my former Dota 2 captain when we were still playing in a lot of tournaments. He once said, “people were so bad back then (in term of skill), if I could travel back in time, I would have beaten them all easily”. He wasn’t wrong. He wasn’t cocky either. I looked back to a game in the past, a game that I considered as my stepping stone to become “big” in Indonesian Dota 2 scene.

That game was one of my greatest at that time. The enemy team had Koala, a professional Dota/Dota 2 player since like 2006 or so. A close game, but we actually won it. When we watched the replay and heard the caster talked about me at 1:00, “Imburden has 200 more net worth compared to Koala. It really is Imburden vs Koala. Well played from Imburden, student from ITB. I think ITB students are really strong, although they study hard, they still play Dota, they still show their love to Dota”, we laughed. Sure, at that time, my gameplay was probably considered decent, but if I play like that now, people will probably consider that as a horrendous gameplay. Times change.

From that thought, I find that our standards are constantly improving from time to time. Back then before industrialization, we didn’t have reliable vehicle other than sailing vessel– which took a lot of time to travel from one region to another. After industrialization, people managed to tinker a lot of engines and tools that provided us what we needed at that time: reliable transportation. It was good, until people actually needed faster communication. Telegraph, fax, telephone, television, cellular phone, internet, and smartphone came to upgrade our standards. Back then, we might think that having a television was good enough, but today, we probably couldn’t live without internet and smartphones. Maybe, in the future, there will be more extraordinary inventions that we don’t ever think of now.

The Evolution of Communication

I think, there are two choices in our life: either we define the future or we follow the current one. It is easier to follow the current one because someone has already made it in the past. However, if we think one step ahead, we probably could shape the future with our inventions. It will be hard, however, because we will be dealing with people’s habit and tradition. But hey, here’s a reminder from Free to Play. 2017-07-05 20-10-41
A Scene in the Free to Play Documentary

Well, that’s all for now, I guess. See ya next time!


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