Small Things Matter


Few days ago, Kolento from C9 Hearthstone team tweeted this, “Lost second match, every good play was rewarded, every bad one punished, that how hearthstone should be”. It made me think about life. If we do good things we get reward, if we do bad things we get sin. If those things don’t give us reward/punishment right after the event, it will eventually come to us in the future.

Chess game

For example, in a turn-based game such as chess, if we make a mistake, that mistake could punish us right after that, or it will cause a snowball effect to a worse punishment as the game goes on. The mistake may be small at first, but for every turn that passed, the mistake we made before will show “its true face”. It is like cancer. It will be soft at first, but as it develops, it will become bigger and bigger until it could take down its host body.

One day, I thought about one thing. I wondered, is it okay if I use too much water in my boarding house? Doesn’t I pay the rent for boarding house room to use its facility freely? Turned out, I thought a lot more deeper than that. If I was wasteful, then the boarding house owner would have its water bill increased, which maybe, will increase the rent price per month/year.

I thought about another example. If I buy a lot of items of certain type until they are sold out, the seller will think that the “demand” for that item is rising. The rise of demand will cause the price of that item to go higher, because of the limited quantity. The effect will be felt not only by us, but other people might as well. We probably still be able to buy those items [with the inflated price], but what about those who have fewer wealth than us? They might not able to buy them. What if those things are groceries/everyday needs? Our “small” action will probably cause disharmony for other people.

A Proverb About the Impact of Small Things

Have you heard/read about the 0.99^365 and 1.01^365 motivation thingy? The 0.02 difference between these values causes a huge gap between them, with 0.02551796445 for the former, and 37.7834343329 for the latter. “It’s okay, it’s just a small thing!” Well, no, you haven’t seen what impact it will do in long term.

My closing statement is, I really think that every thing we do in life, everyday, matters. Either it matters to ourselves or to the other people as well. Be careful, tread carefully, and think about the other people as well. Never, ever, take small things for granted. They will come for you in the future, telling you, “I am what you did back then”.


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