Belajar Menjadi Engineer

Sepuluh Hari ini, topik khusus, yaitu terkait dunia kerja. Ah, jadi ingat setahun yang lalu (sampai sekarang mungkin) belum jadi siapa-siapa. Dari skill teknis dan non-teknis, masih acak-acakan, sekarang mungkin sudah lebih baik. Ditinjau dari jenis pekerjaan, saya sebenarnya tergolong ke seorang front-end web engineer, yaitu seseorang yang berkecimuk di bidang tampilan web, baik itu … Continue reading Belajar Menjadi Engineer


Always Look for Alternatives

Five Around one month ago, I read this post about a function in Javascript. It is a post about a newer and more compact way to handle nested arrays. For you who aren't familiar with the term of Array, imagine it as a box that can contain a lot of things. Usually, in programming syntax, … Continue reading Always Look for Alternatives

Javascript this, that, and arrow functions

Hey, guys! So, recently I stumbled upon a problem that people might easily notice and meet every day during their software development. In Object Oriented Programming, we all know that there is a this object that refers to its parent object. It is available in a lot of languages, including Javascript. This article wraps up … Continue reading Javascript this, that, and arrow functions

Heroku – Python Getting Started for Windows Local Development

Okay so, I spent last two days to get rid of this thing. Heroku for Python has a good tutorial on their website ( BUT, I found myself troubled following their explanations. Let's review their steps one by one. Introduction ( Follow the instructions and you're good to go. Set up ( Same like previous … Continue reading Heroku – Python Getting Started for Windows Local Development